Completed Action Points from meeting held 16th January 2017

Completed Action points from the meeting held on Monday 16th January 2017

17/7 Financial Matters
The clerk completed the Auto Enrolment Administrator Pension form, the Chairman signed the form and the Clerk returned it to Autela as requested by them.

17/8 Correspondence
The clerk replied to the email received from Sam Banks, the NHP Team Leader at Herefordshire Council, but not before a copy of the reply had been forwarded to all the Parish Councillors for their approval.

17/12 Lengthsman Scheme
The Clerk, with the help of Cllr Fowler, completed and submitted to BBLP the Annual Maintenance Plan for continuance of this Scheme.

Action Points completed following requests/complaints via Website or phone

1. Telephone complaint from a member of the public regarding worn out white lines and the lack of visible cats eyes along the A44
The Clerk reported this to James  (Locality Steward at the time of the complaint)