Minutes 22nd January 2018

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
Held on Monday 22nd January 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Sam Sayce, Pete Jones, Hugh Farey, Massie Piggott
In attendance: Bruce Baker Ward Councillor, Vicky Hancock Clerk

1. Apologies for absence: Carolyne Gwynn, Geoff Hancock
2. Declaration of interest and written requests for dispensation:
Cllr Sayce declared an interest for planning application P174663/RM and requested agenda Item 7 Planning be considered at the end of the meeting. This was agreed and Cllr Sayce signed the Declaration of Interest book. Item 7 discussed after Item 13.
3. Open Session

3.1 Ward Cllr Bruce Baker gave a brief update of headlines from Herefordshire Council.

  • Parking Scheme in Hereford to be revisited with concerns regarding impact upon small businesses.
  • 2019-2020 Herefordshire to lose revenue support grant. A ‘Pooling Scheme’ will see money coming from other councils
  • Council Tax to be agreed 4.9%? It was noted that 3% goes into adult social care as a third of the population is over 65.
  • Contractors for the Severn Waste Facility to retain revenue for 5 years and after that time it will revert to Herefordshire Council. ( The councillors expressed an interest in gaining a greater understanding of the recycling process for Herefordshire and requested the Clerk to make enquiries about a visit)
  • Smallholding dispersal mostly completed. Most leases were completed with a few lifetime leases.
  • Dispute with Amey concluded and 9 million to be reimbursed to the Council.
  • Cllr Jones asked if the refusal of China to accept waste will impact. Cllr Baker to make enquiries.
  • Council tax receipts to repair roads in the Spring

The Chair thanked Ward Cllr Baker for his report. Cllr Baker left the meeting at 7.20pm

3.2 No local residents in attendance.

4. To consider the minutes of the previous meeting 20th December 2017
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.

5. NDP Consultant
The council had approached recommended NDP consultants and had received a response from Dr Nicholson who was unable to take on another council for some considerable time. Kirkwells were also unable to offer anything in the near future and Claire Rawlinson was no longer consulting Parish Councils. Ian Culley had come recommended to us via Cllr Sayce and it was decided to make contact. Cllr Hulse thanked Cllr Sayce for passing on this recommendation.
Cllr Hulse gave a brief overview of the meeting held with the proposed NDP Consultant Ian Culley and the steering group on Tuesday 9th January. It was felt that his broad knowledge through his work with Wolverhampton and his local experience as a NDP Consultant to Parish Councils in Bishops Frome, Kimbolton and Leysters was an asset. His presentation to the steering group was concise, professional and clearly set out the process and his offer. He would support the Clerk through the application process for the grant. After discussion it was RESOLVED to appoint Ian Culley as our NDP consultant. Cllr Jones to make contact with Bishops Frome, Kimbolton and Leysters to discuss their NDP process. Clerk to inform Ian Culley.

6. Finance –

6.1 The Clerk shared the latest bank statement. Balance brought forward November 3rd 2017 15,522.37. The balance December 27th 2017 £12,401.91 (balance including outstanding cheques issued in December £10591.51.)
6.2 Clerk distributed Bank Control Account from September 2017 – December 2017 which
detailed payments to date. Cllr Hulse signed this as an accurate record.
6.3 To note income received BACS remittance HMRC VAT repayment £194.39 for 2016-17
6.4 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments:
6.4.1 123connect domain name £112.80 (payment already made see authorisation note)
6.4.2 Clerks’ expenses 44.98
6.4.3 Clerk’s salary and assessment report re: Workplace Pension Scheme

7. Planning – move to Item 13

8. Locality Officer – Cllr Hulse reported back on the meeting he and the Clerk had with our Locality Officer Colin Smith on 10th January. We walked the pavements from the village hall to the first Bredenbury Court entrance and pointed out the narrowing pavement and the difficulty for pedestrians. He was going to request a map to define the demarcation at the side of the road going east as it does appear that some properties have encroached onto the footpath. We highlighted the steep banks and the encroaching roots which forced heavy vehicles travelling west out into the middle of the carriageway. There was discussion regarding refurbishment of the 40mph on the red tarmac which was now worn away. We discussed other traffic calming measures including the introduction of Parish Gates and having our own Speed Indicator Device (SID). The Clerk has contacted Thermotor for an idea of costings of SIDs.

There was some discussion regarding traffic calming and parish gates were regarded as favourable and it was agreed to look into costs and their siting. Clerk to contact Ray Wallace from Balfour Beatty who will come and discuss a range of traffic calming issues and solutions. Cllr Piggott asked about the mud blocking the gullies particularly by Grendon Firs and the responsibility for clearing these. Clerk to clarify.

9. Lengthsman and Parish Paths Partnership – The Clerk had received an expression of interest form from Balfour Beatty regarding Parish Path Partnership (P3) grant funding. This funding is on a pro rata basis which would mean entitlement to a £50 grant for every £15 contributed by the parish for any P3 activity. As we have 14.4 km of footpaths we are entitled to a maximum grant of £720 with a parish contribution of £216. It is likely that this is the last year this funding will be available. A requirement of this funding is to have a named Parish Footpaths Officer (PFO). Cllr Farey put his name forward for this and it was RESOLVED to authorise him as our Parish Footpath Officer for Bredenbury Group Parish Council. Cllr Farey duly signed to abide by the PFO guidelines. The parish will be required to complete an Annual Maintenance Plan detailing any works that are proposed.

10. Policies and Procedures

10.1 Standing Orders. It was RESOLVED to adopt the Standing Orders for Bredenbury Group
Parish Council.
10.2 Financial Regulations. It was RESOLVED to agree the Financial Regulations once the Clerk and the Chair have met to finalise the figures and adopt them at the next council meeting on 28th March 2018.
10.3 Equal Opportunities Policy. It was RESOLVED to adopt the Equal Opportunities Policy.
10.4 Risk Assessment. After discussion it was decided councillors would consider other aspects of risk to be incorporated into the Risk Assessment and these will be submitted at the next meeting for review and potential adoption.

11. Matters for the next meeting
Tackling Loneliness in the Community
Data Protection Regulation
NDP Update
Public Rights of Way

12. Date of next meeting Wednesday 28th March 2018 at 7.00pm
Cllr Sayce left the meeting

13. Planning:
P174372/FH Noakes Bungalow Bredenbury Bromyard Herefordshire HR7 4SY. Application supported and Clerk responded on behalf of the Parish Council.
P174663/RM Approval of Reserved Matters. Land at Little Wacton Farm. The council supported the application subject to comments regarding safe vehicular access on and off the site. Clerk to respond on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.01pm