Completed Action Points from meeting held 21st November 2016

Completed Action points from the meeting held on Monday 21st November 2016

16/97 Financial Matters
The Clerk has the purchase of a back-up disk in hand.
The Clerk has applied for the Precept of £6,800 on the 28th November 2016

16/94 Parking along Harp Lane in the vicinity of Bredenbury Primary School
The Clerk has sent an email to the new Locality Steward to ask him to ‘put the wheels in motion’ for a TRO in respect of the above.

16/95 Development land along the A44 belonging to Mr. P Foster
The Clerk has written to Mr. Foster on behalf of the Parish Council along the lines as suggested by Ward Cllr Bruce Baker per the minutes.

16/96 Report from District Ward Councillor – Bruce Baker
The Clerk has received from Cllr Baker report regarding Syrian refugees.

16/101 Highways
The Clerk has in hand to write to the residents in Valley View as per the minutes.

The Chairman appraised the Locality Steward (Donna Tregenza) of the tree stump by email together with photographs. She agreed to look into the situation, but as nothing has been done the Clerk has now referred this to the new Locality Steward.

16/103 Lengthsman Scheme
The Clerk has completed the Expression of Interest form and has returned it to the necessary authority.