¬15/72 Financial Matters – Corrected Income and Expenditure spreadsheet forwarded to all Parish Councillors by the Clerk

15/73 Correspondence (HALF)– Contact details for Cllrs Milton, Piggott and Gwynn with a view to becoming members of Herefordshire Local Access Forum

15/74 Planning Application 151970 Electricity Notification – Clerk has responded accordingly with no issues or concerns raised.

15/75 Highways – Clerk has sent an e-mail to the Locality Steward to request a Grit Bin to be sited on the corner of Valley View.

15/76 Lengthsman Scheme – The Clerk has now received and paid the Invoice from Talbot Transport for the road planings

15/76 Lengthsman Scheme – The Clerk returned the signed and dated contract between Bredenbury & District Group Parish Council and Herefordshire Council reference the pothole repair facility

15/76 Lengthsman Scheme – Cllr Milton spoke with the landowner regarding the overgrowth at the start of Wk2 and he has asked that the Parish Council request the Lengthsman to undertake to do this.

15/77 Technology – Three Councillors gave a positive response to the Clerk regarding the Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council’s website.

15/79 Parish Room – An Invoice has now been received in the sum of £160 for the hire of the Parish Room and this item is on the Agenda under Financial Matters for cheque signature.

15/81 Footpaths and Rights of Way The Clerk requested from the Locality Steward an up-to-date ‘letter of authority’ for the Footpath Officers – item to be discussed at the September meeting under 15/97 Locality Steward