Recent Heavy Snowfall

Following the heavy snowfall last week and as we head towards the shortest day of the year here is a timely update on the grit/salt bins in our parishes.
The bins, which are located on both Rowden and Wacton Lanes, had been refilled prior to the bad weather but, in some cases, are now almost empty.

As you can imagine, there has been a heavy demand across the county but Balfour Beatty have advised that our bins will be refilled as soon as possible and hopefully during the next week.
Balfour Beatty have also asked us to remind everyone that the intention is that the supplies of grit & salt should be used on the public roads and are not intended for private use. The position of the bins is intended to provide supplies where they are most likely to be needed.

Please feel free to make use of these supplies but we would ask that you let the Parish Council know if the bins are looking in need of a re-fill. If this is the case, then you can inform any Councillor or our Clerk directly or drop us a message on this website.
Bredenbury Group Parish Council

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