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litter-pickClerk’s Litter Picks 2016

You may have spotted your Parish Council Clerk on one of her regular voluntary litter picks on the route of just a mile from The Parish Hall to Rowden Station.

In only that short distance she often returns home with at least two black bags of rubbish that has been casually discarded, mostly from vehicles using this local lane.

Usually this litter comprises of rotting half eaten take-away meals together with packaging, empty drinks cans and bottles (including alcohol) and empty snack packets, but articles of clothing and all sorts of household bric-a-bac are often found as well. She regularly picks up half empty vodka bottles and occasionally a disgusting bag of soiled nappies.

Littering, including from vehicles, is an offence. It is hugely antisocial and despoils the neighbourhood in which we all live and work. If you are able to spot offenders then please go ahead and report them.


heart-startBredenbury now has its very own defibrillator thanks to a “crowdfunding” campaign that was started by the proprietors of the Barneby Inn, Kim & Carey Barnett. They were supported by generous donations from local individuals, businesses and schools and Bredenbury & District Parish Council, all helping them to achieve the target amount. This equipment has recently been installed on the front wall of the Barneby Inn.

Every year around 180,000 people in the UK suffer a heart attack. Many of these go into cardiac arrest before reaching a hospital. Having emergency life support skills could mean the difference between life and death of a friend or a member of your family. Remember, heart attacks are not limited to the elderly.
By having the knowledge to perform CPR you could double a person’s chance of survival. In todays world life saving skills have moved on since the teaching of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
Bredenbury & District Parish Council in partnership with the Barneby Inn and Heartstart Herefordshire arranged three informal sessions, where parishioners have learnt how to use a defibrillator together with some simple but valuable life saving skills.