Draft Minutes


  • Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council
    Held on Wednesday 30th October 2019 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

  • Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Carolyne Gwynn, Geoff Hancock, Pete Jones, Hugh Farey, Massie Piggott,
    In attendance: Vicky Hancock (Clerk), Ward Cllr John Harrington

    1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Sayce
    2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation: Cllr Hancock declared an interest in item 7.4.2 and signed the book accordingly.
    3. Open Session
    3.1 Ward Councillor Harrington gave a brief verbal report
    • Regarding our TRO request he was still waiting for details from BBLP on how the rankings work and what criteria is used. Hopeful that our TRO on Harp Lane will come into the 2020 programme. Cllr Hulse read an email from another local resident regarding the growing concerns about the traffic on Harp Lane and the speed of vehicles along the A44 and reiterated the concern locally about this road.
    • There was a TRO under consideration at Steensbridge and as there had been an accident at Docklow and communication from a local resident as to the danger of this road he will invite the chair to a site visit at Stoke Prior to discuss this.
    Herefordshire Council Business
    • Five -year building supply to be revisited looking at a reduction in numbers. Developers are currently seen to be taking advantage of this.
    • The cabinet are currently budget setting and looking at 2 particular issues
    1) £150000 for building council owned high quality housing
    2) Herefordshire Council building own houses to have assets which can then be reinvested and enable younger people to rent more cheaply.
    • Travellers’ Plan has been accepted which will see a temporary stopping point on the Leominster bypass
    • In the process of moving from cabinet system to committee system which will have proportionality across parties. Once committee system in place executive powers can be extended to the chairperson.
    • There has been a pause and review on the bypass and Southern Link Road. As there has already been funding committed and revenue steams that are time limited business reports and contracts to be honoured.
    • Intention to apply for funding for buses in Hereford and market towns, discussions in place with local bus companies. Preferred option of electric or hydrogen hopper buses. Under 16 would travel free.
    • Budget setting for Educare – Children’s Care. LAC children responsibility of the Local Authority from birth to 25 years. Funding to ensure early support for homecare and home help.
    • BBLP contract to be reviewed 13th November.
    Cllr Hulse thanked Ward Cllr Harrington for his update.
    3.2 No local residents in attendance

    4. To consider the minutes of the previous meetings…
    Parish Council Meeting 25th September
    It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.
    Extraordinary meeting 2nd October 2019
    It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.
    5. Planning
    5.1 P193399/J Tall trees, 23 Valley View Bredenbury HR7 4UJ T1 Hornbeam reduce crown T2 Horse Chestnut reduce height T3 Reduce 2 Horse Chestnut Trees T4 Coppice Laurels. The Council agreed to support this application.
    5.2 P193333/J 24 Valley View, Bredenbury, HR7 4UJ T1 Oak reduce crown, T2 Ash Fell to ground level, T3 Sycamore Fell to ground level. 4TG. The Council agreed to support the application.
    Cllr Jones remarked it would be interesting to note if this would make a difference to the light in the ‘tunnel’ on the A44.
    6. Budget Monitoring
    The Clerk shared the October budget monitoring sheet. Cllr Hulse noted the budget was in line with expected expenditure and the variance as a percentage of the budget stands at -1.24%. There being no questions the monitoring was noted and signed by Cllr Hulse as an accurate record.
    7. Finance
    As agreed in the Financial Regs Cllr Pete Jones was appointed to sign the following-
    7.1 The Clerk shared the bank statement to 30th September. Balance brought forward £8301.79. The balance at 1st October 2019 £11845.25. Agreed and signed by Cllr Jones.
    7.2 Clerk distributed the Bank Control Account to 1st October 2019 which detailed payments and receipts to date. Balance less outstanding cheques £11215.27. Noted and signed by Cllr Jones as an accurate record.
    7.3 The following payment was noted already paid on invoice received during October
    Easyspace Domain name £107.64. Question was asked regarding the cost of this as it is a .gov.uk domain name. Ward Cllr Harrington to make enquiries about Parish Councils having to pay for their domain names.

    7.4 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments:
    7.4.1 HALC website hosting Aug19-Aug20 £60.00
    7.4.2 Clerk’s October salary and note assessment report re: Workplace Pension
    8. Draft Budget Cllr Hulse reported back on the FWG (Finance Working Group) meeting held on Wednesday 16th October to set the three-year budget. The recommendations were presented to the full Council. The figures were distributed with an explanation of each of the budget headings. Appendix i
    • The first heading SIDs was discussed as this year will see only five deployments because BBLP had taken the units in for refurbishment during the year. There was discussion regarding the cost of deployment of these units £300 (inc VAT) per month and their ongoing value. The recommendation from the FWG was to suspend these for the foreseeable future. As the locating sockets are permanent this decision can be reversed if required.
    • The CiLCA training /HALC Councillor heading to change to Training as the Clerk is no longer undertaking CiLCA training.
    • Clerk’s expenses and mileage has also included office supplies and stationery in the past. These to be separated to another budget heading.
    • IT budget heading added to ensure that if there is an urgent need to replace the Clerk’s laptop/printer there will be an identified sum of money
    • Footpath repairs added
    • No expected expenditure for TROs as these can be funded centrally
    • Contingency added
    • Office sundries/postage added
    • Noticeboard refurbishment added
    • Village Gates budget heading maintained but no funding allocation
    • Grit bins added as there is a need for refurbishment over the next 3 years
    The final two columns showed projected figures for 2021-22, 2022-23 based on inflation.
    Cllr Hulse distributed two waterfall charts to show expected expenditure for 2020/21.
    Appendix ii Cost Estimates 2020/21 Appendix iii Monthly Cash Flow
    The draft budget showed that projected expenditure would fall within the available funding.
    After discussion the council agreed to discontinue the SIDs scheme for 2020/21. The budget for
    2019/20 was considered and APPROVED and it was RESOLVED the precept would be maintained at £8560. It was agreed to set the provisional figures for 2021/22 and 2022/23.
    9. Precept Cllr Hulse signed the 2020/21 Precept requirement form.
    10. Policy & Procedure
    10.1 GDPR Documents
    Data Privacy Policy, Subject Access Policy, Data Security Incident Procedure. All the documents were reviewed with no changes. Cllr Hulse signed documents
    10.2 Document Retention Schedule reviewed with no changes. Cllr Hulse signed the document.
    11. Neighbourhood Plan Update
    Regulation 16 consultation period ends on October 31st. After this we will be informed if there were any more representations. Following this the Steering Group will meet to discuss any recommended changes and to consider nominees for independent examiner.
    12. Lunch Club Loneliness in the Countryside
    Cllr Hulse flagged up the issue that can arise in rural areas where people can feel isolated and alone. Awareness of this was very important.
    Cllr Jones spoke of the Bredenbury Lunch Group that had developed from the WI and Bredenbury Ladies Group. It had now become a regular activity whereby group of friends and neighbours get together to go out to lunch once every two months. It enabled people to visit different venues and enjoy being together. Most people made their own way to the venues but some were sharing lifts. Cllr Hulse asked if there was any way it could be advertised more widely and offered to do a write up in the Roundabout in his monthly update.
    13. Smartwater Scheme
    A letter has been produced to distribute to residents to gauge the interest in taking up the Police Commissioner’s Offer for reduced cost of kits and free signage. The Council would be able to fund kits for all households as long as there would be sufficient uptake. The letter to be distributed to Bredenbury Group residents via The Roundabout and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.
    14. Road Safety
    14.1 SID covered in item 8
    14.2 Grit Bins covered in item 8
    15. Footpaths Stile repair at Upper Wacton. Cllr Farey, Cllr Piggott, Cllr Hancock to liaise.

    16. Correspondence
    16.1 River Lugg Catchment Area. Ward Cllr Harrington had explained that Natural England had an agreement regarding development within the Lugg catchment area. However, this was currently under review following a judgement in Holland regarding potential phosphate impacts. Therefore, Natural England are advising against plans or projects that may impact upon phosphate levels in the River Lugg. Herefordshire Council are seeking legal advice on how to proceed. One solution could be mobile monitors. Additionally, Welsh Water would need more treatment plants. JH noted that poor communication with Parish Council’s meant we were being asked why planning was on hold and we were unable to given an answer. Ward Cllr JH to get update on situation.
    16.2 Motion request re: National Community Energy. Discussed and decided council will not comply with this request.
    16.3 Planning Enforcement Office Notification of Planning application at Laurel Bank Farm bungalow to extend curtilage. Noted that the substance of this letter had been discussed at our previous meeting.
    16.4 Herefordshire Green Network ‘The Great Collaboration’ Cllrs Jones and Piggott to attend the meeting at The Falcon on Thursday 28th November
    16.5 Review of Infrastructure Projects covered in Item 3.1
    17. Matters for the next meeting:
    Village housing, Smartwater, Neighbourhood Plan, Lunch Club
    18. Dates for the next meetings:
    Wednesday 27th November Wednesday 18th December

    The meeting closed at 9.02pm