Draft Minutes


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
Held on Wednesday 25th July 2018 at 7pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Hugh Farey, Pete Jones,
In attendance: Ward Cllr Bruce Baker, Vicky Hancock, Clerk

1. To receive apologies for absence: Cllr Sayce, Cllr Gwynn, Cllr Hancock

2. To receive Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation: None received

3. Open Session:
3.1 Ward Cllr Bruce Baker gave a brief update on news from Herefordshire Council
• The Scrutiny Committee met to discuss the future of libraries, museums and archives and there was discussion on considering outsourcing these services
• An additional £2.8 million in the roads budget to improve safety. HC have invested in 2 velocity patchers to repair the potholes in the county
• Scrutiny Committee decision to recommend the red route for the bypass. Cabinet to make decision on 27th July
• Cllr Baker has had success with his motion to restrict grass verge and footpath parking. Local parish councils will have the power to deal decide how they should deal with this issue
3.2 There were no local residents in attendance.
The Chairman shared the draft summary of the community forum comments with Cllr Baker. He thanked him for attending the meeting and requested that any support that Cllr Baker could give regarding the work the council are doing to improve road safety in the village would be very welcome. Clerk to forward the communications with BBLP regarding the Community Commissioning request. Cllr Baker left the meeting at 7.33pm.

4. To consider the minutes of the previous meeting…27th June 2018
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.

5. Planning
5.1 P182226/F Westington Hall Hatfield Proposed new agricultural access off the C1060. The Council noted that question 15 on the application form asked if there were any hedges or trees on or adjacent to the site. It was noted that there were trees and recommended a tree survey should be undertaken. The Council were in support of the application.
5.2 P182294/FH Goats Galore Animal Sanctuary Proposed double carport. The Council were in support of this application
5.3 P182269/F Sawbury Hill Proposed conversion of existing barns into four domestic dwellings. The Council were in support of this application.

6. Budget monitoring
The Clerk distributed the budget monitoring figures to July 2018. She went through the headings and explained any variances. It was noted that there were no Neighbourhood Plan expenses recorded although 8k had been earmarked as a contingency had we been unsuccessful in gaining a grant. I was noted that expenditure against budget was under control. Minor variances we offset by other elements of the budget. There was a 1.27% variance to date. It was RESOLVED to agree budget monitoring figures.
The Clerk distributed the Neighbourhood Plan expenditure against budget to date. There was a variance of 4.4% (net variance 0.3%). It was RESOLVED to agree Neighbourhood Plan monitoring figures.

7. Finance
7.1 Bank statement to 30th June 2018. Opening balance was noted £17,162.91. Statement noted and signed by Cllr Jones.
7.2 The Clerk distributed the Bank Control Account from June 1st 2018 – July 1st 2018 which detailed payments and receipts to date. Balance less outstanding cheques £16,196.40. Noted and signed by Cllr Jones as an accurate record.
7.3 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments
7.3.1 Orphan’s Press publicity materials, leaflets various NP £1447.40
7.3.2 I C Culley Neighbourhood Plan Consultant Invoice 2 £900. It was RESOLVED to pay Consultant’s invoices on receipt
7.3.3 Clerk’s July salary and note assessment report re: Workplace Pension
7.3.4 Clerk’s expenses stamps & postage £9.07
7.3.5 BBLP SID Deployment July/August £600
7.3.6 Village Hall hire May/June/July & 23rd June £130 (inc £70 NP)

8. Footpath Officer’s Report
Cllr Farey delivered a comprehensive report on the Public Rights of Way within the Parish. His report included two detailed maps for reference and images of areas where there was a need for repair to gates. It was also noted that there were areas where footpaths do not lead anywhere. Clerk to contact Balfour Beatty regarding this. Some discussion ensued regarding the responsibilities of the landowners and Parish Council. It was RESOLVED to repair the two gates on the Wacton/Butterley bridle path. It was RESOLVED to replace the yellow waymarkers. Clerk to contact Balfour Beatty regarding replacement of footpath sign at Wacton Grange. After some discussion regarding walking routes into the parish the council delegated Cllr Jones and Cllr Farey to investigate producing a pamphlet/leaflet of our own. Clerk to purchase 3 x copies of the yellow routes maps for Food for All. Cllr Hulse thanked Cllr Farey for the considerable work he had undertaken and the very detailed report.

9. Road Safety
9.1 Village Gates: The clerk had contacted the clerk of Eardisley Parish Council regarding the village gates at Winforton and Whitney-on-Wye which are particularly attractive and visible. The response from Eardisley outlined the process. They were able to buy components and build the gates themselves but worked with Balfour Beatty regarding location and installation. However, it was noted they had been successful in gaining funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner towards the work. The clerk has looked into this but the 2018/19 grant funding projects have not yet been announced. As an interim measure Cllr Hulse suggested installing planters at the base of the two Bredenbury signs as an indication that vehicles are entering the village. Clerk to investigate if consent is needed. After discussion it was RESOLVED to investigate costs and spend up to £250. Councillors to consider whether it would be possible to get sponsorship for the plants.
9.2 Bredenbury School parking
Cllr Hulse and the Clerk met with Ian Connolly, traffic management advisor for
Warwickshire Police & West Mercia Police, regarding the parking at the school. He suggested that maybe H markings could be an interim resolution. There is to be another meeting with Ian Connolly and Rob Hemblade from BBLP for further discussions. Clerk to cc Cllr Jones when a meeting has been arranged.

10. Insurance renewal: Council considered quotations received for insurance from Zurich, Came and Co. and WPS. Cllr Hulse shared a comprehensive table of comparisons between the three schedules. Came and Co were the only insurer to mention Data Protection in their schedule. Subject to double checking the fidelity guarantee and to raising the office equipment allowance it was RESOLVED to accept the Came and Co quotation as the best value for money. Councillors thanked Cllr Hulse for his work.

11. Domain name: The clerk has transferred the domain name from 123Connect to Easyspace as recommended by HALC. It was RESOLVED to accept the new provider at a cost of £75 for two years payable on renewal.

12. GDPR Policies and Procedures:
The Data Security Incident Procedure to be adopted once the clerk amends it to name HALC as the back-up if a breach occurs when the clerk is indisposed e.g. illness or holidays.

13. Correspondence:
13.1 The clerk read the response to Mr Militello regarding the use of Bredenbury Court drive and the Health and Safety aspects whilst construction work is ongoing.
13.2 Crime Prevention Presentation on Wednesday 10th October at 7pm in the village hall. Cllr Jones to share information with the Neighbourhood Watch group. Clerk to put notification in September Roundabout the Parishes and on the website.
13.3 Clerk reminded Council that the annual canvass response for the electoral register to be completed by August 20th. Noted on website and Facebook page.

14. To raise matters for the next meeting:
• Budget monitoring
• Roads and road safety
• Neighbourhood Plan update
• Footpaths
• Centenary Celebrations
• Children & Young People’s Plan
• Community Asset

15. Dates of next meetings: Weds 26th September 2018 @ 7pm Weds 31st October @ 7pm
(please note no meeting in August)

The meeting closed at 9.20pm