Draft Minutes 26th September 2018


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
Held on Wednesday 26th September 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Hugh Farey, Pete Jones, Geoff Hancock, Massie Piggott, Carolyne Gwynn
In attendance: Ward Cllr Bruce Baker, Vicky Hancock, Clerk

1. To receive apologies for absence: None received
2. To receive Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation: None received
3. Open Session:

3.1 Ward Cllr Bruce Baker gave a brief update on news from Herefordshire Council
• Members of Lords Select Committee on Rural Economy visited Hereford to look at the various enterprise schemes in operation and were impressed with the work at Rotherwas and Leominster
• The pledge to take 95 Syrian refugees into the county has been completed and it was reported that they have settled well and most are in employment
• Herefordshire Council are embarking on improvements in their communications and ‘Herefordshire Now’ a new digital quarterly publication is to be launched this month. Hard copies to be available in public places e.g. libraries, town hall etc.
• Reminder of Parish Council Summit on 19th October 5.30pm – 9.00pm Town Hall Hereford – 2 councillors will attend (see below)
• There has been a change of management structure within the Council and some of the names of the directorates have changed
• With many councils announcing budget deficits Herefordshire Council is within budget
• Ofsted inspection of Children’s Services identified areas which required improvement. Herefordshire are currently actively recruiting social workers
• Cllr Baker noted that national expenditure on Adult Social care amounts to 15 billion pounds
• With reference to the Ledbury Town Councillor tribunal the council were reminded that any complaints regarding a breach of the Code of Conduct which cannot be settled immediately should be reported to the Monitoring Officer in the first instance
The chair asked for any questions: Cllr Jones asked about the parliamentary boundary changes and if these would have an effect on the Ward Councillor. Cllr Baker responded that these were constituency changes and would not impact local government even if the ward came into a different constituency
Cllr Jones had noted that some councils had considered risk planning for Brexit and produced risk assessments. He asked whether Herefordshire Council were producing anything. Cllr Baker wasn’t aware of anything but would ask the question of the executive.

3.2 There were no local residents in attendance.

4. To consider the minutes of the previous meetings:

4.1 25th July 2018 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.
4.2 22nd August 2018 (extra-ordinary meeting) It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.

5. Budget monitoring moved after item 8

6. Finance moved after item 8
7. Neighbourhood Plan update
Cllr Hulse gave update on the Neighbourhood Plan
• Response to the second community survey was 70% which was a very positive outcome.
• Results indicate a significant consensus around the issues that were identified in the 1st survey and on the forum day.
• 1 piece of analysis still to come which will give postcode responses.
• Some members of the steering group have completed a thorough characterisation of the settlement and a ‘light-touch’ characterisation of outlying areas of the parish and have produced images and narrative which will be part of the final plan.
• Next steps 3rd November 10am-1.00pm in the village hall a forum to share the results of the 2nd survey, the ‘call for sites’ and the potential settlement boundaries. There will be a presentation at 11pm and an opportunity to engage residents and take comments.
• The project plan shows that we are on schedule and hope to have a draft plan by end of quarter 1.
Ward Cllr Baker mentioned that the NPPF had been revised. Cllr Hulse noted that we had already
considered the updates and the design aspect and cultural context would be part of the final
8. Road Safety

8.1 H-bar marking outside Bredenbury Primary School. Cllr Gwynn said that people were not parking on the lines but some parents were parking right on the junction of the A44. We had received limited feedback from the school regarding the council’s input.
8.2 Road Improvements it was noted that the surface improvements had been completed at either end of the village. The re-painting of the dragon’s teeth and the 40mph roundels had not been done in the village although this was something that had been highlighted by BBLP to be completed. Ward Cllr Baker to make enquiries.
8.3 SID Data. We have now received the data for April, May, July and August.
• April 91.25% ingoing vehicles village hall were travelling below 40mph
• May 92.64%ingoing vehicles Brockington were travelling below 40mph
• July 91.43% ingoing vehicles village hall were travelling below 40mph
• August 89.66% ingoing vehicles Brockington were travelling below 40mph

This data shows the speed of vehicles would suggest we fall in the 85th percentile of vehicles
travelling below 40mph. Cllr Hulse said we had looked into the cost of putting tubes across
the road to gather additional data at a cost of £450 and could be an option in the new financial

8.4 TRO. Ward Cllr Baker signed the form to request an assessment prior to applying for a TRO to reduce the speed limit on Harp Lane from the national speed limit to 30mph hour and 20mph during school times. Cllr Hulse asked if a freedom of information request could show how many schools in Herefordshire have the national speed limit directly outside their school gates. Ward Cllr Baker to find this out. Cllr Hancock asked if the St Richard’s school sign that was now redundant could be relocated on Harp Lane on the approach to the school. The Clerk to speak to Colin Smith, Locality Officer.
Cllr Hulse thanked Ward Cllr Baker for his input. Ward Cllr Baker left the meeting.

5. Budget monitoring

5.1 To note expenditure against budget.
The Clerk distributed the budget monitoring figures for September 2018. There had been additional expenditure during this month, which had been agreed to improve the road signage on the entry to the village. The budget heading for footpaths had been highlighted as there had been no expenditure to date. In respect of this Cllr Hulse was to assess the hunting gates and decide if they could be repaired in-house. Therefore, there was a 12.78% variance to date. This variance was related to the decision to pay for improved speed limit signage through Bredenbury. All other expenditure was on track. It was RESOLVED to agree budget monitoring figures. Cllr Hulse signed the budget sheet.
The Clerk distributed the Neighbourhood Plan September expenditure against budget to date. There is a projected variance of 16.91%. This relates to the design and printing costs for the second community forum which will exceed the current grant and it was agreed to apply for the additional grant money through Locality. A successful application will cover the variance. Clerk to action this. It was RESOLVED to agree Neighbourhood Plan monitoring figures. Cllr Hulse signed the budget sheet.
6. Finance

6.1 Bank statement to 30th July 2018 presented. Opening balance was noted £17,162.91. Statement noted and signed by Cllr Hulse.
6.2 Bank statement to 30th August 2018 presented. Opening balance was noted £13,331.73. Statement noted and signed by Cllr Hulse.
6.3 The Clerk distributed the Bank Control Account from July 1st 2018 – August 1st 2018 which detailed payments and receipts to date. Balance less outstanding cheques £12,601.73. Noted and signed by Cllr Hulse as an accurate record.
6.4 The Clerk distributed the Bank Control Account from August 1st 2018 – September 1st 2018 which detailed payments and receipts to date. Balance less outstanding cheques £11,372.91 Noted and signed by Cllr Hulse as an accurate record.
6.5 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments:

6.5.1 BBLP H-bar marking £300.00
6.5.2 Clerk’s September salary (pension assessment noted)
6.5.3 Clerk’s stationery expenses (NP) £12.00
6.5.4 Hi-Viz Vests Cllr Hulse £33.60
6.5.5 Orphan’s Press Community Survey booklets etc £610.00 (NP)
6.5.6 Herefordshire Council 40mph repeater signs A44 £1,266.18
6.5.7 Clerk CiLCA registration reimbursement £250.00
6.5.8 Autela monthly payroll July/August/September £48.26
6.5.9 PAYE HMRC £29.40

6.6 Income received

6.6.1 It was noted we had received 2018-2019 Precept 2nd payment £3,400

9. Children & Young People’s Plan Survey Clerk to respond on behalf of the Council
10. GDPR Policies and Procedures

10.1 Data Security Incident Procedure. It was RESOLVED to adopt this procedure with the amendment regarding HALC’s support if Clerk indisposed.
10.2 Clerk reported the receipt of the ICO Data Protection Officer Certificate valid to September 2019.

11. Correspondence

11.1 Response to resident re: hedge-trimming. The Clerk read the response to resident regarding the responsibility of landowners to keep hedges trimmed. The cutting of the verges was also questioned but these had been done by BBLP prior to the meeting.
11.2 A reminder given to Councillors to encourage attendance at the Crime Prevention Advice evening on Wednesday 10th October @ 7pm in the village hall.
11.3 Invitation to Parish Council Summit on 17th October. Cllr Hulse & Cllr Jones to attend. Clerk to email response.
11.4 The Clerk informed the meeting that she had at last received official notification of the registration of the Village Hall as a Community Asset. This will remain valid for 5 years after which time we will need to reapply.

12. Matters for the next meeting
• Sub -group for budget setting Cllr Hulse, Cllr Jones, Cllr Sayce, Cllr Gwynn, Clerk
• Budget monitoring
• Neighbourhood Plan update
• Armistice Centenary Celebrations
• Feedback from Parish Council Summit
13. Dates of next meeting: 7pm Weds 31st October @ 7pm

The meeting closed at 8.20pm