Draft Minutes


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
Held on Thursday 27th June 2019 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Massie Piggott, Pete Jones, Sam Sayce
In attendance: Vicky Hancock (Clerk), Ward Cllr John Harrington (arrived 7.20pm)

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Gwynn, Cllr Hancock
2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation: None received.
3. Open Session
3.1 Ward Councillor Harrington gave a brief update on arrival.
• Herefordshire Council in process of considering the current bypass plans and evaluating the position in respect of contracts agreed and expenditure already made.
• The alliance of the parties on the Council was working well with some good cross-party discussions and felt very positive for the future.
• In his position as Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Transport he had already met with BBLP for extensive discussions.
• Following a query from the council regarding the expense of installing parish gates he had assurance that the Parish Council can do this themselves but the work would need to be signed off by BBLP through their Community Commissioning model. A question was asked regarding liability if a vehicle was damaged and injury incurred involving the gates. Ward Cllr Harrington to check this.
3.2 No local residents in attendance.
4. To consider the minutes of the previous meeting…
Parish Council Meeting 22nd May 2019
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.
5. Budget monitoring
5.1 The Clerk shared the June budget monitoring. It was noted that the variance as a percentage of the budget stands at -0.15%. There being no questions Cllr Hulse signed it as an accurate record.
5.2 The Clerk shared the budget monitoring sheet for the Groundwork Grant received in
May to complete the Neighbourhood Plan. The Clerk explained the different budget areas. There has been no expenditure to date. Councillor Hulse signed it as an accurate record.
6. Finance
6.1 The Clerk shared the latest bank statement to 31st May 2019. Balance brought forward £10253.62. The balance at 1st June 2019 £10199.32. Agreed and signed by Cllr Jones.
6.2 Clerk distributed the Bank Control Account from 1st May 2019 – 1st June 2019 which detailed payments and receipts to date. Balance less outstanding cheques £9203.38. Noted and signed by Cllr Jones as an accurate record.
6.3 The Clerk re-presented the bank reconciliation for 31st March 2019 and explained that two amounts had been included in 2018/19 which had already been accounted for in 2017/18. This revised bank reconciliation has been checked by the external auditor. There being no questions Cllr Hulse noted and signed.

6.4 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments:
6.4.1 Autela Payroll Services April 2019-March 2020 £159.83
6.4.3 HMRC Q1 £11.60
6.4.3 Clerk’s salary and note assessment report re: workplace pension
6.4.4 Clerk’s expenses Postage (£7.32) mileage (£15.30) Total £22.62
(Ward Cllr Harrington joined the meeting)
7. Road Safety
7.1 The Clerk shared the 10 priorities for improving road safety that had been forwarded to Ward Cllr Harrington. Cllr Harrington said he had been unable to meet with our Locality Steward as yet to discuss the issues and visit the parish but assured the Council that he would be noting the issues raised.
7.2 The Clerk shared the Project Summary from BBLP for re-siting school sign on Harp Lane. The scheme cost is £487.46 (ex VAT). It was agreed that this had been identified as a priority as Bredenbury Primary School is one of only two schools in the county that is sited in a National Speed limit area. Road improvements had been budgeted for and therefore it was RESOLVED to accept the quotation. Clerk to request the work to be carried out.
7.3 SID The Chairman reminded Councillors that the SID deployment was on hold at the moment as BBLP are carrying out essential maintenance.
7.4 Litter pick. The Clerk had been unable to make contact with Judith Whateley regarding advice for a litter pick along the A44. Cllr Harrington to follow this up. All councillors present were in agreement that they would participate in a litter pick.
8. Tree Preservation Order
The Clerk informed the council of the notice of a TPO placed on a Wellingtonia tree adjacent to the hospitality building at Bredenbury Court. The Clerk has requested a map showing all the TPOs situated in our parishes. There is the opportunity to search the Herefordshire Council administrative map for these or GIS Mapping at Hoople will provide a map for a fee. Clerk to forward the link to members so they can view the map.
9. Annual Governance and Accountability.
9.1 The Council RESOLVED to accept the Annual Governance Statement and Cllr Hulse and the Clerk signed accordingly.
9.2 The Council RESOLVED to accept the Accounting Statements 2018/19 as noted in Item 6.3
9.3 The Clerk presented the HALC Internal Audit Report 2018/19. This has been drawn up and signed by HALC Internal Audit Services.
After presentation of all these papers the Council RESOLVED to accept that Bredenbury Parish Council could sign the Certificate of Exemption as the gross income and expenditure has not exceeded £25,000 and therefore qualifies as a smaller authority. The RFO and the Chairman signed the certificate. Clerk to email this to PKF Littlejohn, external auditors.
The Clerk to publish all papers for 2018/19 on the website alongside the Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance & Accountability Return (Exempt Authority).
10. Insurance Renewal August 22nd 2019
The Clerk has received three renewal schedules for Year 2019/20.
• Came and Co Underwritten by AXA £218.00
• Zurich Municipal £296.36
• RSA Parish Protect underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance £161.84
Cllr Hulse outlined the scope of the three policies. The Council are currently insured through
Came and Co. RSA Parish Protect is a dedicated company that provides insurance for smaller
parish councils. After some discussion and questions regarding Employers Liability Insurance it
was RESOLVED to accept the insurance quotation from RSA Parish Protect at £164.84. Clerk to
make necessary arrangements. As this is a budgeted item it was AGREED that payment could be
made prior to the next Council meeting scheduled for August.
11. Neighbourhood Plan Update
11.1 Reg 14 consultation responses on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. There were 17 responses and these will be fully discussed and responded to at the Steering Group meeting on Monday 15th July. Following on from this the Neighbourhood Plan will be updated in readiness to submit to Herefordshire Council. Bromyard and Winslow Town Council had expressed an interest in meeting with the Steering Group to discuss our experience of undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Hulse and Cllr Jones expressed an interest in outlining the work so far to members from the Town Council.
11.2 Cllr Hulse informed members we had been successful in obtaining a grant of £1020 from Groundwork to complete the work on the Neighbourhood Plan.

12. Training  Cllr Hulse informed the members that the Clerk would not be completing the CiLCA qualification. The Clerk has undertaken all the training through HALC and had found this very useful but felt that the pressure and the time involved in completing the modules and submitting a portfolio was not possible due to the amount of additional work. She had spoken to the Society for Local Council Clerks (of which she is a member) who had been very understanding and have reimbursed 50% of the registration fees to the Parish Council. The Council fully accepted that the Clerk would not be completing this qualification and thanked her for her hard work.
13. Correspondence:
13.1 Allowance Scheme for Parish or Town Councillors. It was decided that the Council would not be introducing such a scheme. Clerk to respond to Herefordshire Council.
13.2 Response from Town & Country Planning. Alleged development contrary to approved plans. Land at Laurel Bank Farm. Site visit conducted 07/06/19 owners informed if they wish to extend residential curtilage, they would need to apply for planning permission.
13.3 Response to letter from Professor Brockington reiterating concerns regarding the A44 and the dangerous footpath south side of Valley View, including broken ironwork and stone walls. Also, the poor visibility through the ‘tunnel’ with overhanging trees and collapsing banks were of great concerns. Councillors agree that the broken ironwork along the pavement was very dangerous. Response outlined the pressure we are keeping up with Herefordshire Council to improve this area. Ward Cllr Harrington said that he would be bringing up these issues when he meets with the Locality Officer.
13.4 A company had emailed a ‘Do Not Knock’ notice which could be distributed to residents. However, the council agreed that the wording on the notice was so complex and more likely to alert bogus callers to an older resident living at the property. It was decided not to pursue this.

14. Village Halll Cllr Hulse informed Council that the Village Hall Committee had been unsuccessful in apply for a Leader Grant for improvements to the building. However, there were more options available and they would continue in their endeavours.
15. Matters for the next meeting:
• To approve responses to the representations made to Reg 14 Consultation
• Review and approve the redrafted plan based on changes proposed by the Steering Group in response to representations
• To submit Neighbourhood Plan to Herefordshire Council

16. To consider dates for the next meetings:
No July meeting
After consideration it was agreed that the next meeting would be held on Wednesday 28th August to enable the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group time to consider the Reg 14 responses and complete the Plan for submission to Hereford Council.
Wednesday 25th September Wednesday 30th October

The meeting closed at 8.20pm