Draft Minutes


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
Held on Wednesday 23rd April 2019 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Hugh Farey, Geoff Hancock, Sam Sayce, Pete Jones, Massie Piggott,
In attendance: Ward Councillor Bruce Baker, Vicky Hancock, Clerk
1. Apologies for absence: Carolyne Gwynn
2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation: Cllr Hugh Farey made a disclosure of non-pecuniary interest in Item 5 Planning (5.1, 5.2) Item 6 Licensing Application and signed the book accordingly.
3. Open Session:                                                                                                                                                                       3.1 Ward Councillor Bruce Baker delivered a short report.
• During purdah councillors are called-in to council for planning meetings
• The Green Party and It’s Our County have formed an alliance and questioned expenditure of 3.5 million by the Herefordshire Council on the by-pass. Call-in was rejected and the works are contracted to go ahead.
• Cllr Baker was pleased that the Neighbourhood Plan had reached Reg 14 which could hold some limited weight for planning issues. At Reg 16 more weight could be carried by the plan.
• Cllr Baker asked about the progress of the planning for car parking at the church. It is understood another tree survey had been requested.
The chairman thanked Cllr Baker for his report.
3.2 No local residents in attendance
4. Minutes of the previous meetings: 27th March 2019. It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.
5. Planning:
5.1 P190825/F – Planning permission Bredenbury Court
Proposed variation of condition 2 (Scheme revision) and removal of conditions 4, 5, 7 & 8 (additional information provided to address conditions previously imposed) of planning permission 172851 (Proposed change to the use from Use Class C2 ‘Residential Institution ‘to use Class C1 ‘Hotel & Hospitality venue)
5.2 P190842/L -listed building consent Bredenbury Court
Proposed variation of condition 2 (Scheme revision) and removal of conditions 4, 5, 7 & 8 (additional information provided to address conditions previously imposed) of planning permission 172851 (Proposed change to the use from Use Class C2 ‘Residential Institution ‘to use Class C1 ‘Hotel & Hospitality venue)
Four Councillors accompanied by the Clerk had a meeting with the Conservation Architect and the site manager at Bredenbury Court prior to the Council meeting to fully understand the extent of the variation of conditions. The Chairman shared information from this visit for the benefit of the other Councillors. They were given a comprehensive tour of the venue and an explanation of the proposed variances. A new plan had been drawn to show which of the original approved proposals in 2017 have been omitted in the new scheme. The Council RESOLVED to support the scheme revision and amendments in applications P190823/F and P190842/L.
6. Licensing Application: Licensing Act 2003 Notification of application for grant/variation of premises licence Bredenbury Court. During the meeting at Bredenbury Court it was pointed out the steps taken within the construction of the oak barn with a comprehensive sound insulation system sound insulation to ensure noise from the venue was kept to a minimum. There had been a comprehensive noise impact assessment and a noise management plan put in place. There would always be an event manager on site to ensure the management plan is adhered to. The Council had received on representation from a local resident regarding the change in licensing. The email said that the application was to supply and sell alcohol till 2:00am inside and outside the building. It is stated on the application time extension would only occur on three specific days. Council discussed the implications of traffic noise and the plans that are in place for reducing the impact of noise at the venue. It was also noted that notification notices are posted by Herefordshire Council and not the applicant. The Council RESOLVED to support the licensing application. Cllr Hulse to respond to the email communication.
Ward Councillor Baker left the meeting.
7. Budget monitoring To note expenditure against budget – April Budget Monitoring sheet distributed. Cllr Hulse noted that expenditure. There were no questions and it was signed as an accurate record of expenditure by Cllr Farey.
8. Finance:
8.1 Bank statement to 31st March 2019 presented. Opening balance £7952.22
Statement noted and signed as accurate by Cllr Farey.
8.2 The Clerk distributed the Bank Control Account from March 1st – April 1st 2019
which detailed payments and receipts to date. Balance less outstanding cheques
£6327.68. Noted and signed by Cllr Farey as an accurate record.
8.3 The cash book was presented for the financial year April 2018 – March 2019 and
signed as an accurate record by Cllr Hulse.
8.4 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments:
8.4.1 BBLP SID February £300 (Clerk noted this payment already made)
8.4.2 BBLP SID March £288
8.4.3 Clerk’s expenses SLCC mileage, parking, Wilko stationery £25.72
8.4.4 Clerk’s salary and noted assessment report re: Workplace Pension.
8.5 Herefordshire Council Precept 2019/20 received 1st payment £4280
9. Annual Governance & Accountability Return:
9.1 It was resolved to APPROVE the Annual Governance Statement 2018/19. The document was signed by the Chairman and the Clerk and the minute reference noted.
9.2 The Accounting Statements 2018/19 was signed by the RFO and presented to the Council for approval. It was resolved to APPROVE the accounting statements and these were signed by the Chairman and the minute reference noted.
9.3 The Bank Reconciliation for financial year 2018/19 was presented. There being no questions It was resolved to APPROVE the bank reconciliation and it was signed by the Chairman.
9.4 The HALC Internal Audit Document Schedule and file was presented for signing. The Chairman signed the schedule and the Clerk will deliver the file to HALC w/b 29/04.19 for audit purposes.
10. Neighbourhood Plan update covered in Chairman’s report: The Chairman requested approval of expenditure for leaflets to all residents to inform them of the consultation period for the draft Neighbourhood Plan and the drop-in session on Saturday 11th May. It was RESOLVED to agree expenditure of approximately £200.
11. Elections: The Chairman was pleased to report that all Parish Councillors were returned uncontested and a new 4-year term will begin on 7th May 2019. The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 22nd May. The Chairman reminded Councillors that the first item on the agenda must be the election of the Chairman. The District Council election for the Hampton Ward will take place on 2nd May 2019. The Village Hall is the polling station for Bredenbury Group.
12. Road Safety items covered in the Chairman’s Report Annual Parish Meeting.
13. Correspondence: Email from a resident regarding the Licensing Variation at Bredenbury Court. Dealt with during item 6.
14. Matters for the next meeting: Footpath Officer to check a stile and the difficulty in opening a gate to access a footpath.
15. Next scheduled meetings:
The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Wednesday 22nd May @ 7pm
Wednesday 26th June @ 7pm
Meeting closed at 8.06 pm