Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Held on Wednesday 30th May 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Pete Jones, Hugh Farey, Geoff Hancock, Massie Piggott
In attendance: Ward Cllr Bruce Baker, Vicky Hancock, Clerk

1. Election of Chairman 2018-19

1.1 Cllr John Hulse was nominated for Chairman by Cllr Farey and seconded by Cllr Jones and was elected          unanimously
1.2 Cllr Hulse signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office and the Clerk countersigned.

2. Election of Vice Chairman 2018-19

2.1 Cllr Massie Piggott was nominated for Vice Chairman by Cllr Hulse and seconded by Cllr Hancock and was elected unanimously.

3. To receive apologies for absence: Cllr Gwynn, Cllr Sayce
4. To receive Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation: None received
Councillors were reminded to update their notice of registerable interests if there have been any changes.
5. Open Session

5.1 Ward Cllr Bruce Baker gave a brief update on news from Herefordshire Council
• Herefordshire Council had held their AGM
• There is to be some notification regarding updates on declaration of interests for councillors which may
include notification of belonging to other organisations. Notification and guidance in due course
• Cllr Baker said he had some response to the questionnaire he sent out
• The question of the state of the roads continued to be a matter for discussion and he said that Balfour Beatty had been trialling a Velocity Jet Patcher to see if this method of filling potholes was more efficient. Initial indications are positive.
Cllr Hulse said that road safety issues in Bredenbury had been a common theme in the recent responses to the questionnaire sent out to all residents in the Parish as part of the Neighbourhood Plan. Issues highlighted were speed restrictions, parking and footpaths. He asked that Cllr Baker support the council in their efforts to address this. Cllr Baker agreed to support this where he could.
• Universal Credit is to be introduced from June 2018. 10.9K eligible in Herefordshire. Cllr Baker to forward FAQs regarding this and asked that any issues for our residents should be referred to him.
• Cllr Baker mentioned the planning application at The King’s Head at Docklow as this was in the neighbouring parish and said there had been a resident’s meeting regarding this.
(Cllr Farey left the meeting at 7.35pm)
The Chairman asked about registering a community asset as the Council had registered the Village Hall in October 2017 and had still not received any notification. Cllr Baker to follow this up.
• GDPR As a Ward Councillor Cllr Baker is now a Data Controller.
The Chairman thanked Cllr Baker for his input and there being no further questions Cllr Baker left the meeting at 7.35pm

5.2 No local residents in attendance

6. To consider the minutes of the previous meeting…25th April 2018
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.
7. Annual Governance and Accountability
The Clerk had not yet received the internal audit report from HALC therefore items:
7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 were to be agenda items at the next Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 25th June 2018
8. To consider Annual Subscriptions 2018-19
The Council reviewed the Annual Subscriptions to ensure they were still relevant. Cllr Jones asked for clarification on the NALC/HALC subscriptions. The Clerk explained that HALC has an affiliation fee and that we also subscribe to NALC (National Association of Local Councils) as we receive legal Notes and updates through them and we subscribe to HALC (Herefordshire Association of Local Councils) for telephone support, advice, training and local issues etc. The subscription fees are calculated on numbers of electors in the parish. HALC £0.36 per elector NALC £0.06.86 per elector.
The Clerk informed the Council that she was currently requesting quotes from other insurance providers as our current provider AON is not working with Parish Councils in the future. Our Insurance renewal is 24.08.18.It was RESOLVED to accept the Annual Subscriptions 2018-19.
9. To consider the Asset Register
The council reviewed the asset register. It was noted that the notice boards should read Village noticeboards. Clerk to amend this. It was agreed the asset register was correct and up to date. A question was asked regarding the purchase of updated 40mph signs for the village – Would they then become an asset. The Clerk to check this.
10. Finance

10.1 The Clerk shared the latest bank statement 29th March – 1st May 2018. Balance brought forward £9,954.00. The balance at 1st May 2018 £12,824.47. Agreed and signed by Cllr Jones.
10.2 Clerk distributed the Bank Control Account from April 1st 2018 – 1st May 2018 which detailed payments and receipts to date. Balance less outstanding cheques £12,733.76. Noted and signed by Cllr Hulse as an accurate record.
10.3 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments:
10.3.1 Orphans Press design work, leaflets, surveys for NP £507.60
10.3.2 Ian Culley NP Consultant £1200
10.3.3 Clerk’s salary and note assessment report re: Workplace Pension
10.3.4 Mileage claim for Clerk – audit & website training £29.70
10.3.5 Expenses for Clerk – stationary, printer ink, refreshments £66.09
10.3.6 Payment to Village Hall £400
10.3.7 BBLP SIDs Deployment April/May £600
10.3.8 Mileage/parking claim Cllr Hulse GDPR Training 15.05.18 £18.80
10.3.9 Mileage claim Cllr Farey GDPR Training 15.05.18 £14.40
10.3.10 Mileage/parking claim Cllr Jones New Councillor Training 17.05.18 £15.30
10.3.11 Eyelid Productions Website Training £60
10.4 Receipts
10.4.1 Groundwork UK Neighbourhood Plan £7650

11. GDPR

11.2 Item taken first Feedback from HALC GDPR Training. Cllr Hulse reported back from the training. Much of the course focused on IT security and how to ensure that no data is to be retained that is not relevant or no longer current. Chairman reminded Councillors that if they are contacted by residents it should always be passed on to the Clerk. Acknowledge/inform/pass to Clerk. It was also reiterated that ‘replying to all’ can be contentious and BCC should be used to secure email addresses. Subscribers to the website are giving positive approval. No individual email addresses or telephone numbers to be held. Clerk to circulate guidance to all Councillors. To check with Cllr Sayce regarding the Council Facebook page.
11.1 GDPR & Policies and Procedures. It was RESOLVED to adopt GDPR and Implement Policies and Procedures to become compliant. Cllr Jones to be part of a working group with the Clerk to look at the NALC model policies to bring to full council and to check that current policies are in line. TBA.

12. Procedures

12.1 There being no comment or changes it was RESOLVED to adopt updated Standing Orders which incorporate or reference requirements of new legislation since 2013.
12.2 Cllr Jones noted that the Document Retention Schedule did not reference the Declaration of Interest Book. The Clerk to find out retention time for this document and take to the working group.

13. Planning: P181783/F Butterley Court, Thornbury. The Council supported the application and noted that any prevention of run-off from a farmyard manure storage area was sensible. Clerk to respond on behalf of the Parish Council.
The Clerk informed the Council that planning had been determined on Well Cottage.
The Clerk noted a letter on the Herefordshire Council website from Welsh Water regarding the planning application P181164/F Land at Laurel Bank, Bredenbury. The Chairman read out the letter.
The Chairman reminded Councillors the Clerk will notify them of any planning applications on which the Council can comment. Councillors should ensure they look at the relevant planning application and associated paperwork on the Herefordshire Council website prior to the meeting; ensuring that no business is discussed outside of the meeting.
Some discussion followed regarding agricultural applications that do not require comment from the Parish Council. It was pointed out some prior notification applications are assessed by Herefordshire Council and fall under permitted development and as such do not need to go to the Parish Council.

14. Correspondence: (1) WWI Centenary. The Clerk received communication from The Armistice and Armed Forces Community Programme who make grants available for communities to obtain silhouettes for an event to bring communities together. Any community organisation can apply for these awards. Some discussion followed and it was agreed that the Council would like to support a community event that brought the Village Hall, The Parish Council and the PCC together for this important commemoration. It was RESOLVED to offer some financial support for a community event – amount to be decided at a later date. The Clerk to contact the other village organisations and begin discussions.
(2) Cllr Hulse & the Clerk had received acknowledgement of declaration of compliance from the Pensions Regulator.
(3) The Chairman read out an email from a local resident regarding footpaths, bridleways and dangerous animals in fields. After discussion, it was agreed that the Footpaths Officer should examine the gates on the specific bridleway to see if repairs are needed and that we will follow up as appropriate. With regard to the second question requesting that the Clerk should write to all landowners pointing out their responsibilities to manage any dangerous animals in fields containing footpaths or bridleways, the Parish Council determined this was not an appropriate course of action in response to what may be an isolated incident. However, in response the Clerk should state that if details of any specific incident were passed to us we would report it to the appropriate authority. The Parish Council would also encourage the correspondent to speak directly to the landowner in the first instance to attempt to resolve such matters locally.
15. Neighbourhood Plan Cllr Hulse had already given an update on the Steering Group at the Annual Parish meeting which preceded this meeting.
16. Matters for the next meeting:
Annual Governance and Accountability
Working Party re: GDPR compliance
NP Plan Steering Group update
17. Date for next NP meeting: Neighbourhood Plan Forum Saturday 23rd June 10am – 4pm Village Hall
Dates agreed for Parish Council meetings: Wednesday 23rd June, Wednesday 25th July, Wednesday 29th August @ 7pm in the Village Hall
The meeting closed at 8.47pm