Draft Minutes


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
Held on Monday 25th April 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Sam Sayce, Pete Jones, Hugh Farey, Geoff Hancock, Carolyne Gwynn, Massie Piggott
In attendance: Two local residents, Vicky Hancock, Clerk

1. Apologies for absence: Ward Cllr Bruce Baker

2. Declaration of interest and written requests for dispensation: Cllr Hancock Item 14 Planning P181164/F. Cllr Hancock signed the Declaration of Interest book.

3. Open Session

3.1 Ward Cllr Bruce Ward not in attendance
3.2 Two local residents in attendance. Both expressed an interest in attending the meeting and gaining a greater understanding of the work of the council.

4. To consider the minutes of the previous meeting 28th March 2018
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.

5. Finance –

5.1 Bank statement to 31.03.18. Balance was noted £9954.80. Statement noted and signed Cllr Hulse. 5.2 Bank control April 2017 – March 2018. Opening balance £8757.37 – balance to date £9954.80. Detailed account workings noted and signed Cllr Hulse as an accurate record.
5.3 Year end April 2017-March 2018
Opening balance: £8757.37 Income: £7948.59 Total: £16705.96 Expenditure: £7227.61
Closing balance year end: £9478.61 (including outstanding cheques)
5.4 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments: 5.4.1 Autela Payroll services Q4 £46.08 (clerk informed councillors that Autela are now charging VAT)
5.4.2 Clerk’s salary. It was RESOLVED to accept the NALC pay scales from April 2018. It was RESOLVED for Chair to agree overtime payment for the clerk when she exceeded the weekly hours provided fully auditable records of such overtime are maintained. Work Place Pension assessment report noted and signed.
5.4.3 Mileage claim Clerk BBLP briefing Kingsland £11.34
5.4.4 Bredenbury Village Hall bookings Jan, Mar, Apr £60
5.4.5 Envirosort visit fuel £12.41
5.4.6 Mileage claim Cllr Sayce HALC Audit Training £15.30
5.4.7 Photocopying expenses Cllr Jones £7.80
5.5 To note income received
5.5.1 HMRC PAYE BACS payment £954.20
5.5.2 Herefordshire Council Precept BACS 1st payment £3400
5.5.3 To note P60 received End of Year certificate 2017-18

6. Feedback from Audit answers – Cllr Sayce gave a brief feedback from HALC training 17.04.18. He noted external auditors PK Littlejohn would conduct the audit online with everything completed by 11th/12th June. The council will need to adopt annual accounts at the May meeting. Accounts to be made available for residents to view by appointment only. Cllr Hulse gave the Clerk an information pack from the training.

7. GDPR It was RESOLVED to buy into the shared Data Protection Officer service to be offered through HALC for an annual fee of £50. It was acknowledged that Bredenbury Group Parish Council have made a commitment to commence the GDPR journey. Cllr Hulse and Cllr Farey will be attending a HALC training session on Tuesday 15th May and therefore it would be sensible to prepare policies and templates after this session. Councillors had received a copy of the NALC/HALC Action Plan which clearly sets out the steps for compliance.

8. Feedback from Kyre Hospital Trust As a trustee for this charity Cllr Piggott attended a meeting and explained that there are properties in Kyre that are held in trust for local residents to apply for if they are deemed eligible for support. If a property became available the council could nominate someone from Wacton Parish who would meet the criteria. Cllr Jones asked how we would decide if there was more than one person. It was explained that whilst the council could nominate they would not have any input into the actual process as this would be handled purely by the trustees of Kyre Hospital. Cllr Piggott will attend the annual meeting and any other extra-ordinary meetings called by the Trust.

9. Feedback from Envirosort visit Cllr Farey gave a brief and very enthusiastic report on this visit. He outlined the importance of the work that Severn Waste do to ensure that recyclable materials are sorted and distributed as efficiently as possible. He encouraged others to visit this facility as it was so informative and interesting. Cllr Farey felt that the public generally were confused over what could and could not be recycled. It was RESOLVED that Cllr Farey would prepare a report on the visit that could be published in Roundabout the parishes and on the council website.

10. Correspondence Cllr Hulse outlined a letter he received from A Howlett in which he expressed concern over parking issues outside the church and the village hall and the dangers of traffic on the A44. Cllr Hulse read out his response in which he highlighted the commitment the council are making to these issues.

11. Road Safety Initiative

11.1 Feedback from BBLP Village Briefing. The Clerk gave a report of the briefing she attended on 10.04.18. Balfour Beatty gave an overview of the works they had completed over the year and projects for the following year including the City Link Road, the Hereford Transport Package and the South Wye Transport package land acquisition. Commercial Street refurbishment. Gully cleaning -planned and reactive. Street-cleaning.
The outlined the pressure on resources of the severe weather this year.
• employed 42 snow contractors working 24/7
• snow blowers in operation for the first time in several years.
• 100+ gritting runs
• Challenge of potholes with 4 x number of defects. In receipt of Govt funding of £1.25m to help address this.
• Importance of traffic management systems when filling potholes to ensure safety of the gangs
• Prioritising work schedules as efficiently as possible in line with workload and timeframes
• Pressure on resources has meant that they have had to be reactive
• A44 corridor funding and a major surfacing investment planned for 2018-19
11.2 Colin Smith Locality Steward 12.04.18. Cllr Hulse outlined the meeting. Discussion around renewing road markings and checking 40mph repeater signs. He suggested contacting Balfour Beatty traffic engineer for more advice.
11.3 Ray Wallace Senior Engineer Balfour Beatty 18.04.18 Cllr Hulse outlined meeting. It was suggested that the council replacing 40mph repeater signs would be a positive move as they would make the traffic much more aware of entering the village. He also said that the road markings would be repainted as part of the A44 works.
11.4 It was RESOLVED to invest in 10 x 40mph repeater signs on yellow backgrounds to replace current signs. Clerk to apply for these through the Community Commissioning Model. Purchasing Villages Gates to be held in abeyance until further investigation of costs.

12. Policies and Procedures

12.1 The terms of reference for Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group were accepted. Cllr Hulse thanked Cllr Jones for his input in drawing these up.
12.2 There being no comments or amendments the Risk Management Policy Statement was agreed and adopted. There being no comments or amendments to the Risk Register was agreed. Both documents to be reviewed and updated annually unless any additions needed. Cllr Gwynn congratulated Cllr Jones on a very thorough and professional document.

13. Neighbourhood Plan(NP) Update Cllr Hulse updated the meeting on the progress so far. He encouraged the residents in attendance to become involved with the steering group – next meeting Monday 21st May at the Barneby @7pm. There was some discussion about the delivery of the leaflets and the response from residents which generally was very positive. The Neighbourhood Planning Programme had accepted the grant application and Bredenbury Group Parish Council have been awarded £7650 for Neighbourhood Planning activities. The next communication to be distributed is the household survey which will be collected between 9th-11th May.

14. Planning P181227/FH Well Cottage Bredenbury. The council supported the variation of condition 2 to alter schedule of materials. Clerk to respond on behalf of the Parish Council. P181164/F Land at Laurel Bank, Bredenbury. The council supported the application in principle subject to clarification on long-term right of access, clarification of boundaries and drainage. Clerk to respond on behalf of the Parish Council.

15. Matters for the next meeting – GDPR NALC feedback
Standing Orders
2017-18 Audit
Community Asset
Community Commissioning Model
NP update

16.To note date of next scheduled meetings-
Annual Parish Meeting Wednesday 30th May @ 6.30pm
Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 30th May @ 7pm

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.55pm