Draft Minutes 28th November 2018


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
Held on Wednesday 28th November 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Hugh Farey (Minute-taker), Pete Jones, Geoff Hancock, Massie Piggott, Sam Sayce, Carolyne Gwynn
In attendance: Ward Councillor Bruce Baker

1. Apologies for absence: Vicky Hancock – Clerk HALC Training Course
2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation: None received
3. Open session:

3.1 Report from Ward Councillor Bruce Baker
• He reported that some County Councillors are not declaring their interests which is causing some issues
• Made a visit to Goat’s Galore and recognised this was a worthwhile charity.
• Annual Performance Report 2017-2018 from Herefordshire Council. It was noted that the council are coping with massive cuts. There is pressure on the budget on supporting children in care. 75% of budget is spent on 3500 people including £200,000 pa for 24-hour care
• Schools making progress. Special praise from Minister of State on the teaching of phonics
• NMite University coming on line now with progress being made
• 200,000 tons of household waste is producing electricity
• Herefordshire recognised as one of the best counties for producing Neighbourhood Development Plans
• Herefordshire has received £5 million from Maintenance Challenge Fund for repairing potholes
• Parish Council summit had been successful and another one is planned for January 2019
• High domestic abuse incidents in Herefordshire 1200 referrals this year.
• Some poor management of Children’s Services has been addressed
Ward Councillor Baker to pursue the status of road safety improvements which have not yet been implemented

3.2 There were no local residents in attendance

4. Minutes of the previous meetings: 31st October 2018 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.
5. Budget Monitoring

5.1 To note expenditure against budget – November Budget Monitoring sheet distributed and signed as an accurate record of expenditure to date by Cllr Hulse
5.2 To note NP expenditure against budget. Neighbourhood Plan November monitoring sheet distributed and signed as an accurate record by Cllr Hulse. The chairman explained expenditure of current grant. It was agreed to apply for the additional grant funding available to complete the NP work.

6. Finance

6.1 Bank statement to 31st October 2018 presented. Opening balance was noted £11,087.63. Statement noted and signed as accurate by Cllr Jones.
6.2 The Clerk distributed the Bank Control Account from October 1st– November 1st 2018 which detailed payments and receipts to date. Balance less outstanding cheques £9867.27 Noted and signed by Cllr Jones as an accurate record.
6.3 It was RESOLVED to accept the increase in the precept to £8560.00 (as recommended 31.10.18 by the Finance Working Group) which would see a notional average increase of £11 per annum on Band D properties. Parish Councillors agreed that a letter to be distributed to all residents prior to the new financial year with an explanation of the Precept. An extract from the Parish Council Newsletter for December issue of Roundabout the Parishes was distributed

6.4 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments:

6.4.1 J Hulse Pump Pot £27.99 & Paper Shredder £25.49 Total £53.48
6.4.2 Bredenbury Village Hall Hire for Community Forums £105.00
6.4.3 Clerk’s November salary. Pension assessment noted
6.4.4 V Hancock ‘Coming Home Project’ Armistice Centenary £162.48
6.4.5 Clerk’s mileage & parking HALC training £33.60
6.4.6 J Hulse mileage HALC Conference £10.80
6.4.7 I Culley 4th Invoice £900.00 (NP)

7. Feedback from HALC Conference (see appendix 1)
8. Feedback from ‘Coming Home’ Project

• A very successful community event with 130 visitors to the church over the weekend.
• Wonderful comments in the visitors’ book
• 70+ people attended the community tea on 11th November
• £277.52 in the collection at the church for the British Legion Bromyard branch
• £90+ in the Poppy Appeal collection in the village hall
• Letter of appreciation from Major (Retd.) JE Brodie-Murphy Secretary Bromyard Branch Royal British Legion to be sent to all flower-arrangers

9. Planning Permission granted by Herefordshire Council

9.1 P182294/FH Goats Galore Animal Sanctuary Double Carport
9.2 P183709/J 22 Valley View works to tree covered by TPO

10. Neighbourhood Plan Update: (see appendix 2)
11. Road Safety:

11.1 Received confirmation of TRO assessment for changing speed limit on Harp Lane. It will be added to the TRO list which will be prioritised in January. It was noted that to reduce speed limit outside the school to 20 mph requires extensive engineering measures and may not be within the scope of the proposal.
11.2 October SID data distributed. It shows more than 90% of traffic goes through the village at below 40mph.

12. Correspondence: Cllr Hulse read correspondence regarding the ‘call for sites’ responses from the Community Forum i. Grendon Firs ii. Clay Pigeon Field (2 letters) iii. Garage Field. All comments will be addressed by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.
13. Items for the next meeting: Communications e.g. Facebook
14. Next scheduled meeting: Wednesday 19th December 2018

The meeting closed at 8.10pm

Appendix 1
HALC Conference – Saturday, 17th November 2018
1. Jonathan Lester – leader, HCC
a. Statistics
Herefordshire Population 191k
Area 874 sq miles
133 Parish Councils with 1100 Parish Councillors

b. Expenditure
Government support was £millions last year £60k
Spend now directed towards outcomes rather than merit alone
Focus on children and economic growth
75% of all income spent on roughly 3500 vulnerable people

c. Focus on quality of life
PCs to facilitate community actions – STOP the DROP campaign – JH queried how to reconcile with insurance advice?

2. Virginia Morgan – Herefordshire CPRE
Focus on limiting development of polytunnels, intensive poultry units, etc.
Encourage Parish Councils to join!

NDPs 37 in place with additional 61 in preparation having “weight in planning”
Reference HCC core strategy and NPPF when considering planning applications

3. Lee Cleaver – BHIB Insurance Brokers
Focus on risk management education – offer of assessor visit & advice if insured or asking for quote.
Managing personal data post-GDPR a very big issue – ref Morrisons case
Offer model Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreements – requested

4. Doug Belfield – Streetscape
Community playgrounds
Referenced section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy funding – FOLLOW UP

5. James Bisset – Herefordshire Tree Forum
Herefordshire population declined dramatically since 19th century
BAP replaced by Priority Habitat status
Priority Habitat should not hinder development but needs to be considered at planning
NDPs should recognize important green space, access, views, etc
6. Andrew Blake – Wye Valley AONB

Appendix 2

Neighbourhood Development Plan Update

1. Second Community Forum held Saturday, 3rd November

a. 55 attended
b. IC presented updated on outcome of 2nd Community Forum
c. Displays of Survey, Call for Sites results and possible changes to Settlement Boundary
d. 9 sites – one outside settlement based on tourism, 3 of remaining 8 unlikely to meet planning criteria. Potential housing development deliverables 25 (update 23) plus 2 already in progress and 3 waiting for planning approval.
e. Invited feedback by 30th November

2. Feedback

So far 4 communications
a. Grendon Firs – objection – all residents
b. Clay Pigeon & Garage Field – comments and support for steering group recommendations – 3 residents

All have been sent formal acknowledgment plus meeting held with Grendon Firs representative group (6 residents)

3. Next steps

a. discuss communications at Steering Group on 3rd December then determine forward plan
b. communicate with Call for Sites respondents and relevant residents
c. finalise characterisation study then move to draft plan

4. Overview

a. Project plan on target
b. Budget on target
Expect to be able to deliver housing development target (24 by 2031)