Draft Minutes


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
Held on Wednesday 25th September 2019 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Carolyne Gwynn, Geoff Hancock, Pete Jones, Hugh Farey, Massie Piggott

In attendance:  Vicky Hancock (Clerk), two local residents

  1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Sayce, Ward Cllr Harrington
  2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation: Cllr Hancock declared an interest in item 8.4.1 and signed the book accordingly.
  3. Open Session
    3.1 Ward Councillor Harrington not in attendance but the Chairman picked up on two communications with him regarding road safety matters. Cllr Harrington had spoken to BBLP regarding the ranking of TROs and the methodology. It was based on a safety assessment and the 30mph outside the school was not considered high priority. However, they were trying to get it into 19/20 annual plan. Cllr Harrington to follow this up.
    3.2 Two local residents in attendance. They asked about the possible development of the land on the A44 and their concern about the drainage across the road from the Harp Lane side. Cllr Hulse believed that the owners were aware of the drainage and had had some pre-inspection advice. Cllr Hulse to contact owners. The residents also raised concern about the speed and volume of vehicles using Harp Lane. Cllr Hulse reiterated the work we had done regarding a TRO and the re-siting of the school sign. It was agreed that safety on the lane was of concern. As a resident, Cllr Jones asked about the new fencing around Bredenbury Primary School. He wondered whether the gates would always be locked because he thought there was an informal agreement that the playground could be used after school hours by the community. Clerk to contact.
    A local resident had contacted the council regarding the traffic accident on the A44 at Docklow involving three cars and a lorry. The resident was concerned about the dip in the road which no one realises is there and feels that it should have double white lines. Fortunately, no one was badly injured but once again this served to remind council of how dangerous the A44 can be. Council agreed there should be a review of road safety measures along the A44 as there had been so many incidents in the past few months. Clerk to bring to the attention of Ward Cllr Harrington.
    Cllr Hulse informed council that the top of Wacton Lane is to be resurfaced on Friday 27th September. After representations from local residents this has been treated as an emergency road closure to enable the work to be done. The Barneby offered their car park for the day for residents affected by the closure.
  4. To consider the minutes of the previous meeting…Parish Council Meeting 28th August 2019 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.
  5. Planning: P193061/F Upper Wacton, Bredenbury, Bromyard HR7 4TG. Proposed exercising arena. The Council agreed to support the application.
  6. Policy & Procedure: The Clerk reminded Council that a date needed to be set for the Finance Working Group to look at the budget three- year budget and the precept for 2020-21 for recommendation to full council. Two members of the FWG Cllrs Gwynn and Hulse agreed to stand again. As Cllr Sayce was absent from the meeting it was proposed that a volunteer substitute to be named if Cllr Sayce wasn’t available. Cllr Jones agreed to be part of the FWG if needed. The FWG will meet on Wednesday 16th October 2019 at 6pm at The Old Post Office. Clerk to contact Cllr Sayce.
  7. Budget monitoring:The Clerk shared the September budget monitoring sheet. The clerk explained the overspend on Internal Audit fees as a missing invoice for 2016/17 coming to light therefore, this audit had remained unpaid. The reason being the invoice was sent to the Clerk’s personal email account prior to have an official parish council email address and the email address was incorrect. Cllr Farey noted we had received the £5 deduction in fees from ICO for paying by direct debit. There being no questions noted and signed by Cllr Hulse as an accurate record.
  8. As agreed in the Financial Regs Cllr Pete Jones was appointed to sign the following-
    8.1 The Clerk shared the bank statement to 30th August. Balance brought forward £8491.08. The balance at 1st September 2019 8310.79. Agreed and signed by Cllr Jones.
    8.2 Clerk distributed the Bank Control Account to 1st September 2019 which detailed payments and receipts to date. Balance less outstanding cheques £7471.80. Noted and signed by Cllr Jones as an accurate record.
    8.3 The following payments were noted already paid on invoices received during August
    AEDdonate Rechargeable Battery for Defibrillator £238.00
    8.4 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments:
    8.4.1 Clerk’s September salary and note assessment report re: Workplace Pension
    8.4.2 Data protection Fee paid by Direct Debit 13.09.19 ICO £35
    8.4.3 HALC Internal Audit 16/17 £180.00
  9. Neighbourhood Plan Update: Cllr Hulse informed the council that the Neighbourhood Plan had reached Regulation 16. This means that the plan is now undergoing a six-week consultation period and is available on the Herefordshire Council website for anyone to make comment.  The steering group had written to all local consultees who made representations to explain the outcomes. The steering group were preparing a slip to go out in October Roundabout and slips to be delivered to make everyone aware of this next step. At the end of this period the plan will go to an independent examiner for scrutiny. Cllr Hulse requested delegation to the Steering Group for appointing an examiner as we have a choice of three. Cllr Hulse requested delegation to the Steering Group for recommending the plan goes to Referendum when the time comes. It was RESOLVED to accept both delegations.
  10. Smartwater Scheme: Cllr Hancock fed back on the Smartwater Scheme and the offer from the Police and Crime Commissioner of funding 25% of Smartwater kits and signage subject to a target uptake. Whilst it was felt that could be a considerable funding issue which would fall to the Parish Council, after some discussion and input from a local resident who has used this scheme in a previous location, it was decided that the council would distribute a letter to all residents to gauge interest. Cllr Hulse to compose letter to be hand delivered. Decision to be made at next meet
  11. Road Safety
    11.1 The council had received a message regarding the danger to horse riders on Rowden Lane and asked if warning signs could be purchased. Signs can be installed in hedgerows of private land so they can be seen from the highway. Clerk to make enquiries.
    11.2 TRO covered in Item 3.1
    11.3 The school sign had been re-sited on Harp Lane – it was noted that it was not the original sign from the A44 but a much smaller one.
    11.4 Community Concern signs. It was felt that the community concern signs that have been put up in Stoke Lacy would not be effective on the A44.
  12. Community Car Park: Clerk had made enquiries about a contribution to this scheme. However, as it is sited on church land, we are unable to do so.
  13. Noticeboards: Cllr Hancock had assessed the village noticeboards and noted the strut on the Parish Council noticeboard needs repairing and the noticeboards at Grendon Firs and by the school need replacing. A local resident has offered to replace the two noticeboards as a goodwill gesture.
  14. Correspondence
  15. Matters for the next meeting: GDPR documents, Budget, Lunch Club Loneliness in the Countryside
  16. Dates for the next meeting: Wednesday 27th November                                                                                             The meeting closed at 8.23pm