Council Business


Notice is hereby given that the Annual Parish Meeting
will be held at 6.30pm on Wednesday 30th May in the Village Hall. Press and Public are cordially invited to attend.

1. Introduction and welcome
2. Apologies for absence
3. To receive the Annual Report from the Chairman for the Parishes of Bredenbury, Wacton and Grendon Bishop
4. To receive a report from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
5. To invite the public to raise any matters of interest.
The Parish meeting is an opportunity for parishioners on the electoral register for Bredenbury, Wacton and Grendon Bishop to raise any matters that relate to their local community. It would be helpful to have written notice of any matters to be raised but it is not essential. For any queries, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council:
Vicky Hancock 01885 482832

Refreshments will be available

Parish Councillors are summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
(incorporating the monthly meeting) on
Wednesday 30th May 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall

1. Election of Chairman1.1 To elect a Chairman for 2018-19
1.2 To receive the Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
2. Election of vice-chairman 2018-19
2.1 To elect a vice-chairman for 2018-19
3. To receive apologies for absence
4. To receive Declarations of Interest & written requests for dispensation.
4.1 To remind councillors to update their Notice of Registerable Interests
5. Open Session
5.1 To receive a brief verbal report from Ward Councillor Bruce Baker.
5.2 To receive views of local residents on parish matters related to this agenda
6. To consider minutes of the previous meeting … 25thApril 2018
7. Annual Governance and Accountability
7.1 To receive and note the annual Internal Audit Report
7.2 Approval of the Annual Governance Statement 2017/18
7.3 Approval of Accounting Statements 2017/18
8. To consider Annual Subscriptions 2018-19
9. To consider the Asset Register
10. Finance
10.1 Bank Statement to 30th April 2018
10.2 Bank Control Account April 2018
10.3 To consider payments of the following invoices:
10.3.1 To consider invoice for Orphans Press design work, leaflets, surveys £507.60
10.3.2 To consider the invoice for Ian Culley Neighbourhood Plan consultant and to agree further payments
10.3.3 To consider Clerk’s Salary and note assessment report re: Work Place Pension
10.3.4 To consider mileage claim for Clerk- audit and website training £29.70
10.3.5 To consider expenses for Clerk stationary & refreshments
10.3.6 To consider payment to Village Hall funds for purchase of tables £400
10.3.7 To consider payment BBLP SID Deployment April/May £600
10.3.8 To consider mileage/parking claim Cllr Hulse HALC GDPR Training 15.05.18 £18.80
10.3.9 To consider mileage claim Cllr Farey HALC GDPR Training 15.05.18 £14.40
10.3.10 To consider mileage/parking claim Cllr Jones HALC New Councillor Training 17.05.18 £15.30
10.4 To consider receipts…
10.4.1 Groundwork UK Neighbourhood Plan £7650
11. GDPR
11.1To Adopt the General Data Protection Regulations and implement Policies and Procedures
11.2 Feedback from HALC GDPR Training Cllrs Farey & Hulse
12. Procedures
12.1To adopt updated Standing Orders to incorporate or reference requirements of new legislation that has been introduced since model standing orders published in 2013
12.2 To adopt the Document Retention Schedule
13. Planning: P181783/F Butterley Court Thornbury Bromyard
14. Correspondence: WWI Centenary
15. Neighbourhood Plan (NP) – report from NP Steering Group
16. To raise matters for the next meeting
17. To consider dates of next meetings:
Wednesday 27th June 2018 @ 7pm Wednesday 25th July 2018 @ 7pm Wednesday 29th August 2018 @ 7pm