Council Business

Parish Councillors are summoned to attend a Scheduled Meeting of the Parish Council on
Wednesday 27th November at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

1. To receive apologies for absence
2. To receive Declarations of Interest & written requests for dispensation.
3. Open Session
3.1 To receive a brief verbal report from Ward Councillor John Harrington.
3.2 To receive views of local residents on parish matters.
4. To consider minutes of the previous meeting …30th October 2019
5. Planning To consider comments on the following planning application to be determined by Herefordshire Council
5.1 P193202 Sawbury Hill Farm, Bredenbury. Proposed conversion of existing barns into dwelling houses
6. Budget Monitoring
To note expenditure against budget
7. Finance
7.1 Bank Statement 31st October 2019
7.2 Bank Reconciliation 31st October
7.3 To consider payments of the following invoices:
7.3.1 Cllr Hulse Expenses Core Strategy/ NP Workshop11/11/19 Mileage & Parking £14.44
7.3.2 BBLP SID October deployment £180.00
7.3.3 Clerk’s November salary and note assessment report re: Work Place Pension
8. Society of Local Council Clerks Membership
9. Neighbourhood Plan Update
9.1 Feedback from Core Strategy & Neighbourhood Plan Workshop
9.2 Neighbourhood Planning review Questionnaire
10. Feedback from HALC Conference
10.1 HALC Membership Subscription 2020/21
10.2 Wise Owl Councillor Training
11. Lunch Club
12. Village Housing
13. Smartwater Scheme update
14. Road Safety
14.1 SID Oct data
14.2 Salt
15. Correspondence
15.1 Leominster – Worcester Railway
16. To raise matters for the next meeting
17. To note dates of next scheduled meetings:
Wednesday 18th December 2019 Wednesday 29th January 2020 Wednesday 26th February 2020

Bredenbury Group Parish Council Parish Clerk: Vicky Hancock 01885 482832