Bredenbury & District Group Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Monday 14th May 2018

Present: John Hulse, Pete Jones, Vicky Hancock, Jenny Piggott, Ronnie Leighton, Peter Kirk, Christine Powell
1. John Hulse welcomed three new members to the Steering Group: Peter Kirk, Ronnie Leighton, Christine Powell.
2. John Hulse gave an overview of the background to the Neighbourhood Plan and the work the Steering Group had undertaken so far. There was a brief explanation of the process and the work that the Consultant, Ian Culley, had directed.
3. VH explained that the Council had applied for a grant to support expenses incurred whilst producing to the Neighbourhood Plan and had been successful.
4. John gave a brief feedback on the responses received from the initial survey to residents. He would have more information for the next meeting. It was pleasing that to date we had received over 50% returns with the promise of more.
5. The group reported that they had all received positive responses when delivering and collecting the surveys and generally residents were pleased to be informed and included.
6. There followed discussion regarding amenities, bus routes, play areas and the use of other locally available areas.
7. There was a discussion regarding the importance of community and communication which extended to the next important part of the process – the open meeting to be held on Saturday 23rd June 2018. The discussion was around how to best inform residents, where it should be held, what the meeting should be called and how it would be promoted. All items to think about prior to the next meeting. At the next meeting we would be calling on Ian’s experience and expertise in these events.
8. Action planning for next meeting: Information
Survey results
Name of the event
9. Date of next meeting:
Mon 21st May 7pm The Barneby
Meeting closed at 8.25pm

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Tuesday 17th April 2018

Present: John Hulse, Pete Jones, Hugh Farey, Ian Culley, Vicky Hancock, Jenny Piggott
1. We welcomed Jenny Piggott to the Steering Group meeting
2. A reminder that the Terms of Reference are to be adopted at the full council meeting on 25.04.18
3. Communication: We now have the initial awareness -raising leaflet to distribute to all parishioners. The leaflets were well received as a professional communication. PJ compiled maps and routes for delivery which were to be discussed at the end of the meeting. JH to continue with his update in Roundabout to maintain the profile of the NP. Leaflet to be hand-delivered by 25th April.
The second communication will be the survey. This will enable residents to have the opportunity to flag-up their issues, positives etc and identify any other topics. JH shared a mock-up of the survey which was accepted. There followed discussion about the delivery of the survey and an envelope for returns to ensure anonymity. This survey to be hand-delivered by 2nd May and collected back by 11th May. Publicity reminders in the village about the survey and alerts on Facebook. There was discussion about a response to survey via Facebook or the website but it was felt face-to-face interaction was important.
4. Grant Funding: VH completed the Government funded Neighbourhood Planning Grant Application and programme on 08.04.18 and we are now awaiting a decision on the funding.
5. IC referred to the project plan. Date for the public meeting and Planning for Real Event Saturday 23rd June in the village hall 10.30am – 4.00pm. Some discussion regarding resources for the day. Boards, stationary etc. Refreshments. Facilitator at each table. From this event we will devise a second survey.
IC said the next important detail will be the characterisation of the area and features for enhancement captured from the second survey. IC to update plan.
6. PJ gave out the maps for distributing the leaflets. JP agreed to help with distribution and to support the steering group.
7. Date of next meetings:
Steering Group catch-up re: distribution of info Mon 14th May 7pm The Barneby
Steering group Meeting Monday 21st May 7pm The Barneby
Meeting closed at 8.25pm

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Present: John Hulse, Pete Jones, Hugh Farey, Ian Culley, Vicky Hancock
1. Steering Group Terms of Reference written by PJ have been informally agreed by the Parish Council and will be adopted at the next full meeting on 25th April 2108
2. Evidence Based Report. IC has produced a summary of the report as requested at pervious meeting. This will be available as part of the Neighbourhood Plan communications alongside the full report. IC to add explanation of the Index of Multiple Deprivation as defined by the government and additional detail regarding the heritage of the area and a map.
3. Communications. JH and VH had a meeting at Orphans printing to discuss the printed communications for the NP. Initial ideas were shared with the designer who is going to mock-up an A5 leaflet. The remit was to incorporate a strapline, font and colour way that will remain consistent throughout the campaign information. Leaflet and costings ready by Friday 13th April.
4. Expression of Interest and Grant Application. Basic grant is for 9K with an opportunity to apply for an additional 6K for site allocations. The funding window has now opened and VH to complete E of I form. IC reviewed the application form and the aims of organisation were completed. Progress to date completed. Costings were discussed and to be completed. IC to update and VH to submit application.
5. There was a discussion regarding the distribution of leaflets etc. HF to forward map so we can plan the delivery routes. PJ and VH to meet and finalise these. It was noted that additional publicity material may include posters and banners to promote the public meetings. Costings to be investigated.
6. Next meeting Tuesday 17th April 7pm The Barneby.