Minutes 22nd November


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
Held on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: Carolyne Gwynn, John Hulse (Chair), Sam Sayce, Massie Piggott, Geoff Hancock  Clerk: Vicky Hancock
1. Apologies for absence: None
2. Declaration of interest and written requests for dispensation: None
3. Open Session

3.1 Ward Councillor Bruce Baker not in attendance
3.2 No local residents in attendance

4. To consider minutes of the previous meeting … 25th October 2017
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.

5. Finance

5.1 The Clerk distributed the current bank account workings to November 2017. The Clerk explained that having at last received a cheque book and all signatories in place the outstanding payments resolved at the previous meetings had all been paid. The Council noted the opening balance on April 5th 2017 of £8,757.07 and balance as at 3rd November 2017 of £14,580.33 less outstanding cheques. The Clerk explained that a debit card held for the account had been cancelled as it was in the name of a previous Councillor. It was RESOLVED not to apply for a replacement card. The Clerk noted that there was one Direct Debit payment for the ICO (Data Protection) fee of £35.00.
5.2 Income received Herefordshire County Council in respect of Precept payment
21.04.17 £3,400 22.09.17 £3,400
5.3 Recommendations from Finance Working Group. The FWG had considered the actual expenditure over the previous year and discussed possible expenditure for 2018/19 using a waterfall chart that gave a visual representation of estimated spending. It was decided
defer setting the Precept until the December meeting during which time the Council would gather any outstanding and relevant information.

5.4 External Audit 2016/17

5.4.1 Internal Audit Report. The Clerk explained she had attended a meeting with
HALC to go through the Internal Audit Report as she was not in post during the
Financial Year 2016/17. She shared the report and explained the scope of the
report. It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendations of the report and
implement them prior to the next internal audit.
5.4.2 The Annual Governance Statement 2016/17 was considered and approved.
It was RESOLVED the Chairman and Clerk sign the statement.
5.4.3 The Accounting statements for 2016/17 were considered and approved.
It was RESOLVED the Chairman and Responsible Finance Officer sign statement.
5.4.4 It was RESOLVED Chairman and Clerk sign Annual Return for Grant

5.5 It was RESOLVED to pay the Village Hall Committee the new hourly rate of £10 per hour for Parish Council meetings. After discussion it was decided to consult with the Village Hall Committee if we could support them with purchasing a piece of equipment up to the value of £400. Clerk to contact the village hall committee.
5.6 Payment of Invoices

5.6.1 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments:
5.6.2 HALC payment for Parish Clerk Recruitment Service
5.6.2 AON Insurance reimbursement payment to J Hulse (Already RESOLVED 25.10.17)
5.6.3 Eyelid Productions training (website)
5.6.4 Travel expenses for clerk to attend 2 x CiLCA courses, Website training, Draft Audit at HALC
5.6.5 Parish On Line payment
5.6.6 Outstanding payment for hire of Bredenbury Village Hall September 2016 – March 2017
5.6.7 Clerk’s salary payment for September/October/November. It was RESOLVED to delegate authority to the Chairman to authorise the Clerk’s payroll in future and to present all payments at Parish Council meetings.

6 Parish Council Website
The Chairman encouraged the Councillors to subscribe to the website and also to flag this facility up to local residents              https://bredenburygroup-pc.gov.uk 
The Chairman requested Councillors to forward their photograph to publish on the website.

7 Planning
P173872/FH Well Cottage, Bredenbury, Bromyard. The Clerk indicated that the Parish Council was in support of the application with a recommendation to the use of similar materials. These comments had been noted on the Herefordshire Council planning website.

8 Community Governance Review
In 2015 Herefordshire Council consulted Herefordshire Parish Councils to identify any issues they would wish a Community Governance Review to address. In 2015 the Parish Council identified a Parish within the group that could have had voting powers disproportionate to its size due to the distribution of seats. The Parish Council was more recently contacted by Herefordshire Council to ask if this review was still a relevant issue needing to be addressed. After the outcome of discussion it was RESOLVED that the Council did not wish to proceed with this review as it is not considered relevant.
The Clerk was detailed to notify John Coleman (Democratic Services Manager and Statutory Scrutiny Officer) of the decision of the Councillors.

9 Lengthsman Scheme
The Clerk distributed the Annual Maintenance Plan submitted to Balfour Beatty on 25th February 2017. This outlined the Council’s objectives for the year and the planned Lengthsman activities. The Parish Council is entitled to receive a grant up to £225 for works carried out by the Lengthsman. The Council was made aware that the Lengthsman scheme would not continue after this financial year (2017/18) and it would be the responsibility of the Parish to define the activities and get contractors to complete the process. We now have a Colin Smith the new Locality Steward in place for the Leominster Rural Locality. He has been contacted to arrange a meeting with the Chairman and Clerk to look at the issues along the footway on the A44 and to discuss Lengthsman activities. After discussion it was RESOLVED to check the grit bins along Wacton Lane and Rowden Lane and report back to the Clerk. Cllr Hulse to check Wacton Lane, Cllr Piggott to check Rowden Lane.

9.1 It was RESOLVED to discuss any further works at the following meeting. A requestwas made for Councillors to be aware of any work that needed bringing to the attention of the Locality Steward. It was noted that following a report to a Parish Councillor from a parishioner, concerning the potholes in Wacton Lane, these had been reported to Balfour Beatty for repair.

10 Items to be included on next Agenda

• Standing Orders
• Financial Regulations
• Code of Conduct

• Delegation of powers payment
• Precept for financial year 2018/19
• Co-option of Parish Councillor

11 NDP update
Cllr Hulse reported a recommended Consultant had been contacted but due to pressure of work had regretfully declined to support us. Therefore we would continue to seek out further options.

12 Chairman’s report from Balfour Beatty Parish briefing
The briefing began with an overview of BBLP key performance indicators which focused on the work they had done regarding the repair and resurfacing of roads and the 2 main methods they used for repair and dressing the road surfaces. They discussed the opportunity to access community funds for items of road furniture e.g. ‘village gates’ that make it much more obvious to motorists that they are entering a village with residential properties. The new Locality Steward for our area was introduced. Cllr Hulse reported that the A44 was going to be recognised as a priority in 2108/19 which may support the work the Parish Council are trying to achieve.

13 Next meeting
As the next scheduled meeting would fall on 27th December it was RESOLVED to hold the meeting on Wednesday 20th December at 7pm.  It was also agreed a change of dates for the following two meetings:
 Monday 22nd January 7pm (note change of day) Wednesday 28th March 7pm

As there were no members of the public in attendance the next item followed

14 Employment matters
Cllr Hulse gave a signed letter to the Clerk explain the Bredenbury Group Parish Council pension scheme would not automatically apply as she did not meet the criteria. The opportunity was in place for the Clerk to pay directly into the scheme if she wished to join.

15 Co-option for a Parish Councillor for Bredenbury
Cllr Hulse explained that there were two candidates who had expressed interest in becoming a Parish Councillor. With advice from HALC the Councillors were able to meet with the candidates prior to the meeting for them to outline their interest. As only one candidate had been able to attend it was RESOLVED to meet with the other candidate prior to the next scheduled meeting.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.05pm