Minutes 23rd August 2017

Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council
held on Wednesday 23rd August 2017 at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: Carolyne Gwynn, John Hulse, Massie Piggott, Sam Sayce.
In attendance:
Acting Clerk … Lynda Wilcox from HALC (Herefordshire Association of Local Councils).
Ward Councillor … Bruce Baker. Two local residents.

1. Election of Chairman

1.1 It was unanimously RESOLVED to elect John Hulse as Chairman.
1.2 Councillor Hulse completed his acceptance of office as chairman.

2. Election of Vice Chairman

2.1 It was unanimously RESOLVED to elect Massie Piggott as Vice Chairman.

3. To receive declarations of acceptance of office & registers of interest from two elected councillors for Wacton:
The following two newly elected councillors had handed in their completed forms:

3.1 John Hulse.
3.2 Samuel Sayce.

4. Declarations of Interest & written requests for dispensation: There were none.

5. Open Session

5.1 Ward Councillor, Bruce Baker, gave a report on his role and current matters in relation to Herefordshire Council.
5.2 Views of local residents on parish matters … No matters were raised.

6. Co-option to fill 3 vacancies … 1 for Grendon Bishop & 2 for Bredenbury.

6.1 It was unanimously agreed to co-opt Geoffrey Charles Hancock as a councillor for Bredenbury.
6.2 Councillor Hancock completed his acceptance of office form and joined the meeting.

7. Minutes of the previous meeting … 13th March 2017:
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record.

8. Finance

8.1 It was RESOLVED to pay the following outstanding invoices once the bank signatories had been amended:
8.1.1 HALC subscription fee 2016/17 £353.83 (inc. VAT).
8.1.2 HALC training fees x 3 persons attending ‘Pass the Password’ £108.00 (inc. VAT).
8.1.3 HALC clerk cover for meeting … £150 + mileage.
8.1.4 Autela Payroll & Pension Services … £52.00.
8.1.5 Renewal of annual insurance premium with AON … £276.99.
8.2 New bank signatories … It was RESOLVED that councillors Carolyne Gwynn, John Hulse, Geoff Hancock and Sam Stace be signatories. The chairman’s address would be used for statements until a new clerk was appointed.
8.3 External audit process for 2016/17. It was noted that the process had not yet been commenced and was now legally out of time. HALC had informed the external auditors (Grant Thornton) that the process was commencing. It was RESOLVED to request an internal audit from HALC at a cost of £150 + VAT.

9. Representation on Kyre Hospital Trust
It was RESOLVED to consider representation at a future meeting.

10. Planning

10.1 Comments on application P172307/F … Manor Farm Bredenbury. Proposed roof over cattle handling yard, new livestock building & concrete to yard & access drive.
It was RESOLVED to support the application.
10.2 Rural Area Site Allocation … To consider implications for the parish.
It was RESOLVED not to comment.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item
Councillor Hancock declared a DPI (Disclosable Pecuniary Interest) due to his wife’s interest in the vacancy for a clerk and he therefore signed the book and left the room.

11. Employment Matters

11.1 It was RESOLVED to pay all outstanding monies to the outgoing clerk, once the bank signatories had been amended.
11.2 Lynda Wilcox gave an update on the recruitment of a new Clerk/RFO (Responsible Finance Officer) and it was RESOLVED that all four councillors would form an Interview Panel with HALC and interviews would be held at the Village Hall on 11th September.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 27th September 2017.
It was RESOLVED to hold meetings on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7.00 pm.

The chairman closed the meeting at 8.30 pm