Minutes 25th November 2015 (Extraordinary Meeting)


PRESENT: Cllr D Sutton (Chairman), Cllr H Milton, Cllr P Thorne, Cllr C Gwynn, Cllr M Piggott, Cllr B Fowler
Clerk:  R Sutton

An informal meeting took place between the above Parish Councillors and Mr. Phil Foster, who was accompanied by his sister and his architect. The object of the meeting was for Mr. Foster to present to the Council his ideas for developing the two parcels of land along the A44, which are situated either side of Brockington House. These are in his ownership. As this was an informal preliminary discussion no minutes were taken but the outcome of the meeting is to be put in the agenda for the next meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Monday 11th January 2016.

Following this meeting an Extraordinary Meeting took place at the request of the Clerk in order to seek approval for her to obtain a NatWest Business Debit Card to be used in conjunction with the Parish Council’s current account held with the NatWest Bank.  She explained that because the Council had embarked upon setting up the website that was necessary to comply with current legislation and had purchased a laptop computer to enable this and the general business of the Council to be conducted online, it was virtually impossible to pay for the necessary software and programmes such as ant-virus and updates other than online by debit card. This would be the principal purpose that the card would be used for, although payments by cheque for the other services required by the Council were becoming increasingly uncommon and debit card payments were now being requested more frequently.
A short discussion took place in which Cllr Milton expressed anxiety about the use of business debit cards, which she felt were somewhat insecure.
The Clerk explained that she would no longer be happy to pay for Parish Council services using her own debit card and then claiming back her outlay from the Council. This was an inconvenient and extended process that could involve some expense to her.
At the conclusion of the discussion there was overall agreement that the Clerk should take the steps necessary to obtain a Debit Card. Accordingly the required forms were filled out and signed by both cheque signatories.

Proposed: Cllr Piggott
Seconded: Cllr Fowler