Minutes 28th March 2018

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
Held on Monday 28th March 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors: John Hulse (Chair), Sam Sayce, Pete Jones, Hugh Farey, Geoff Hancock, Carolyne Gwynn
In attendance: Vicky Hancock, Clerk

1. Apologies for absence: Ward Cllr Bruce Baker, Massie Piggott

2. Declaration of interest and written requests for dispensation: None

3. Open Session
3.1 Ward Cllr Bruce Ward not in attendance
3.2 No local residents in attendance.

4. To consider the minutes of the previous meeting 22nd January 2018
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes and they were signed by the Chairman.

5. Finance –
5.1 The Clerk shared the certified Annual Return for the year ended March 2017 and the copy of the Notice of Conclusion of Audit which has to be published on the Council’s website. She noted that due to the difficulty in completing the audit and ensuring the approved Annual Return was with the Auditor within the time frame we have failed to comply with statutory duties. As the papers were held with HALC and all correspondence from Grant Thornton was directed to them this has incurred additional costs. HALC will be paying these costs on behalf of the Council. The Clerk shared the report and noted that the external auditors were aware that the Authority was inquorate and unable to undertake any business due to having only two councillors before the election of 7th September 2017.
It was noted that this was the last year Grant Thorton would be undertaking the external audit and that PKF Littlejohn LLP have been appointed as external auditors for small authorities. All returns will be via email links. The Clerk has just received all the relevant documentation. There may be some additional work because of our audit record for 2016-17. Cllr Hulse reminded the meeting that we had resolved to use HALC again this year for our internal audit.
It was RESOLVED Cllr Sayce to attend HALC ‘Audit Answers’ training on Tuesday 17th April.
5.2 Bank statement to 31.01.18. Balance was noted £10,494.37. Two outstanding cheques totaling £212.80. Income £194.39 VAT return. Statement noted and signed Cllr Sayce.
5.3 Bank statement to 28.02.18. Balance was noted £9,922.22. One outstanding cheque £100. Statement noted and signed Cllr Sayce.
5.4 Bank control September 2017 – February 2018. Opening balance £8757.37 – balance to date £9922.22. Detailed account workings noted and signed Cllr Hulse as an accurate record.
5.5 Parish Precept 2018-19 £6800. Payments to be received April 2018- September 2018.
5.6 Correspondence from the Parish Committee. Re: offer of £400 to purchase equipment. They have requested that it be held over to later date due to proposed hall improvements. It was RESOLVED to agree this for the current calendar year. Clerk to respond.
5.7 It was RESOLVED to agree the following payments:

5.7.1 Clerk’s salary February and March. Assessment reports re: Workplace Pension noted and signed by Cllr Hulse.
5.7.2 HALC 2018-19 Affiliation fees & Subscription NALC affiliation fees. £362.07. (Noted that this had already been paid prior to 31st March to benefit from free training places)
5.7.3 Mileage claim for Clerk to attend GDPR Training 16.03.18 £17.10

6. Dispute Resolution in Herefordshire – Cllr Hulse outlined the email received regarding a request for financial support for legal action undertaken by a local councillor. After some discussion it was agreed that this was an issue which they would not wish to support with any financial contribution towards a Crowd Justice campaign.

7. Planning – Noted planning approved: P174663/RM Land at Little Wacton Farm

8. Community Asset
8.1 Correspondence received from Parish Hall Management Committee to note registration of the Parish Hall as a Community Asset. They agreed this was a positive and sensible step.

9. Tackling Loneliness
9.1 Lunch Club – Cllr Hulse shared feedback from a HALC Conference where the speaker Lady Lisvane, High Sheriff of Herefordshire, spoke about the importance of Parish Councils tackling loneliness in their communities. She spoke about some of the initiatives that are happening across the county. Cllr Hulse had considered some opportunities that we may have locally and thought that a Monthly Lunch Club at the Barneby could be just one idea. Cllr Farey noted that there may well be some within the farming community who are lonely but wouldn’t necessary be able to attend a lunch time event. Cllr Jones noted that it could well be difficult to target the right people but that the Neighbourhood Plan would be a good vehicle for this when distributing leaflets. It was suggested that a question regarding engagement with others would also be a very valid question to include in a questionnaire. Cllr Hulse requested councillors to think about this issue and bring any ideas to a future meeting.

10. Neighbourhood Plan -Steering Group Update. Cllr Hulse outlined the progress so far. He
reminded councillors that we had engaged Ian Culley as our Consultant and he had already made
significant progress with the Project Plan. Cllr Jones had worked on the Terms of Reference for
the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, these were distributed for comment and will be
adopted at the next council meeting (25.04.18)
3 meetings have been held. Reviewed documents produced by Herefordshire Council. Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Reviewed the Evidence Based Report.
Discussed communications. A5 Pamphlet, survey, additional steering group members or ‘friends’. Community event, Additional surveys, Roundabout the Parishes. Website. Project Plan Update. Funding Cllr Jones noted that any expenditure prior to receiving a grant cannot be claimed in retrospect. Cllr Hulse acknowledged that any expenditure incurred will be covered by money identified in the budget. Cllr Hancock asked about the payment of the Consultant. The agreement is for a daily rate up to 20 days overall with no additional costs to be incurred unless there was an urgent matter that arises.
The Clerk will complete the Expression of Interest form and the Application for grant funding when the window opens on 03.04.18. We can apply for a grant up to £9000 which will come in tranches if we are successful.
Councillors not on the Steering Group requested a regular update on the project plan. Cllr Sayce suggested a Facebook page for communication would be valuable. It was RESOLVED that Cllr Sayce would work on this.

11.Website training – The Clerk requested some additional website training from Eyelid Productions. It was RESOLVED to support this. Clerk to book 2 hours @ £30 per hour.

12. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Feedback from clerk’s training provided by Herefordshire Council. The clerk reminded councillors that the GDPR will take effect from 25th May 2018. This gives individuals more rights and protection regarding how their personal data is used by councils. The council itself is the ‘Data Controller’. To ensure councils comply with the regulation they must employ a ‘Data Protection Officer’. There is still an amount of guidance coming out about this but there will be an opportunity to buy into an outside body for this e.g. HALC. The clerk noted that it was very clear throughout the training that the response to these regulations must be proportionate to the size of the authority. NALC have produced a toolkit with various proformas to support understanding and the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) has produced a checklist, audits and model policies. HALC is running GDPR training sessions and it was RESOLVED that Cllr Hulse and Cllr Farey will attend the session on Tuesday 15th May.

13. Safeguarding & Parish Councils – The Clerk attended an SLCC meeting and the speaker was from Herefordshire Safeguarding Board. She presented information on Safeguarding Children and Adults and Local Councils and really emphasized that safeguarding is something for which everyone has a responsibility. In response the council RESOLVED to post the contact information on the website and request that it goes into the Roundabout the Parishes in the first instance.

14. Road Safety Initiative – Cllr Hulse read out a letter he had prepared to highlight the issues regarding Road Safety on the A44. Many of the items were those that had been discussed with Colin Smith our Locality Officer, including access to the church, signs covered by vegetation, worn road markings, encroaching vegetation onto pavements, speed of vehicles and traffic calming measures. It is now necessary to target the recipients of the letter for the greatest effect. Ward Cllr Baker to be asked regarding this. It was RESOLVED to withhold the letter until we have further information.
14.1 Village Gates- The Clerk shared information from a provider regarding the costs of installing village gates. There was also communication from Balfour Beatty who would need to be involved for assessing the suitability of the siting of gates. Cllr Sayce and Cllr Farey to look for alternative sources of village gateways and report back.
14.2 SID – Cllr Hulse noted that the SID data showed that 10% of vehicles exceeded the speed limit. He also had data from an independent source which indicated that when SID wasn’t in place 35% of vehicles exceeded the speed limit. It was noted that the SID deployments have been completed for this year. It was RESOLVED to reinstate the deployments for the coming year as this had been budgeted for. Clerk to initiate this.

15. Policies & Procedures
15.1 Financial Regulations Cllr Hulse & the clerk met after the previous council meeting to finalise the figures and it was RESOLVED to adopt them.
15.2 It was resolved to adopt the Model Policy Publication Scheme. It was noted that this may change when the GDPR comes into operation. The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to advise.
15.3 The clerk shared the Risk Management Policy Statement for review. Any comments to be forwarded to Cllr Jones who is completing the Risk Assessment Matrix. Cllr Jones and the Clerk to meet to go through matrix prior to the next council meeting.

16. Envirosort Visit– Friday 13th April 3pm – 5pm Cllr Gwynn unable to attend.

17. Matters for the next meeting
Risk Management Policy Statement and RA Matrix
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Terms of Reference
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group update
Tackling Loneliness

18. To note date of next scheduled meetings

Wednesday 25th April 2018 7pm
Wednesday 30th May 2018 7pm

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.55pm