Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 15th February 2016


PRESENT: Cllr D Sutton (Chairman), Cllr H Milton, Cllr P Thorne,
Cllr C Gwynn, Cllr B Fowler, Ward Cllr B Baker
Clerk R Sutton


The Chairman opened the meeting at 11am explaining that it had been called as a result of his telephone conversation with Mr Foster, when at the Parish Council’s request, he had outlined to him the Council’s initial ideas that they felt could be incorporated into his plans for the development of the two parcels of land adjacent to Brockington House (Sites A and B). Mr Foster had indicated to the Chairman that he was anxious to move things along and had asked for a more precise outline of the Parish Council’s thoughts as soon as possible in order that his architect and advisers could assess the acceptability and feasibility of embedding these into a draft planning application. Therefore the purpose of the meeting was to review and refine those initial proposals and add any subsequent thoughts or ideas that the Councillors had before presenting them more formally to Mr Foster.

The Chairman had met with Ward Councillor Bruce Baker just prior to the meeting and had shown him the two plots of land in question in order that Cllr Baker could obtain some idea of their situation and aspect.

During the meeting Cllr Baker reminded and advised Councillors that any development in the village would entitle them to receive an amount of money from the developer under the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Even in the absence of an approved NHP this could still be in the region of 15% of the total cost of these developments. This money could go a long way towards providing some of the amenities that the Parish Council was asking for. His belief was that an element of affordable housing would also have to be provided in any development of this scale. He suggested that Mr Foster’s idea for providing a maximum of 3 houses on Plot B might not find favour with the planners as it could be seen by them as not the best use of such a large and useful plot. However his assessment was that if this stance were to be taken by the planners then it could be mitigated if the development of Plot A incorporated all of the amenities that the Parish Council was putting forward. Cllr Baker said that he would be happy to meet with Mr Foster prior to any pre planning advice being taken if this would be helpful.

After considerable discussion and with consideration to the advice and guidance provided by Cllr Baker a more specific outline of the Council’s wishes was arrived at.

It was agreed that the Council should write formally to Mr Foster setting these out in more detail and that the draft of this letter should be approved by each of the Councillors before it was sent, also letting Cllr Baker have sight of it.

The meeting was closed at 12-45