Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting 15th September 2016


Present: Cllr D Sutton (Chairman) Cllr H Milton Cllr P Thorne Cllr B Fowler Cllr M Piggott
Ward Cllr B Baker Clerk Rosemarie Sutton

16/85 Apologies for Absence: None

Absent, no apology: Cllr C Gwynn

16/86 Declarations of Personal and Disclosable Pecuniary Interest
No declarations were notified or asked to be recorded

16/87 Mr Foster’s proposed development of two parcels of land along A44
The Chairman opened the meeting at 19-30 by thanking everyone for their attendance and
apologised that the meeting would have to be curtailed somewhat. He explained that the meeting had been called in the expectation that ‘development options’ from Mr Foster would be available for Councillors to consider and to respond to, but these details had not been forthcoming.
He appraised Councillors of an email received from Mr Foster as a result of Mr Foster having been made aware that the extraordinary meeting had been arranged to reassess the Council’s current stance with regard to these developments. In the email Mr Foster had suggested that a key part of the discussions between him and the Parish Council had concerned the amount of Planning Gain that the Bredenbury community can expect in return for the Parish Council’s support for housing on the two sites that he owned. Mr Foster had stated that in his opinion unless schemes are tabled showing possible development options it will be very difficult to conclude what the possible Planning Gain could be and had asked if it would be advantageous for his schemes to be tabled at this meeting in order to concentrate minds. The Clerk had replied to Mr Foster confirming that his offer of providing schemes would be welcomed by Parish Councillors. She had suggested to him that he should forward these to her by post in time for the meeting, bearing in mind she was about to go on holiday and would not return until the 14th September.
The Clerk reported that nothing at all had been received from Mr Foster to date. The Chairman felt that in the absence of the detail that had been expected, and because the Parish Council still had no idea of the number or type of houses that were proposed, it would be futile to continue with this item. He said that any further discussion could be based only on conjecture.

The Chairman asked Cllr Baker if he wished to add anything to this. Cllr Baker advised that it was his understanding that the CIL had now been shelved but that money for any development that was carried out would still be available under a Section 106 Agreement, albeit at a reduced rate. This would impact on the amount of money that would have been available to help fund a new Parish Hall. He suggested that perhaps the Parish Council could revise its plans and elect for a parcel of land to be put aside within the development on which a Parish Hall could be built at a later date. The building could funded from a lottery grant or other grants that are available. Cllr Baker said that he was aware was a similar situation at Marden where a developer is providing a village hall.
The Chairman closed discussion on this item.

16/88 Neighbourhood Planning
The Chairman asked Cllr Fowler for his view on how he feels the Parish Council should now proceed with the idea of a reviving a NHP following the discussion that the Parish Council had had at its last meeting, when it had been agreed that a decision would be made an at extraordinary meeting whether or not to proceed with a scheme.

Cllr Fowler confirmed that in the interim he had approached several members of the community to obtain their views on whether or not Bredenbury should proceed with attempting to produce a Neighbourhood Plan, but he had found that there was still little or no interest. Councillors suggested that perhaps one final attempt should be made to form a steering group from people who could be persuaded to attend a public meeting. All were in agreement that initially a letter should be sent to every household in all three parishes in the hope that this would provide the catalyst that would move things along. Cllr Fowler agreed to prepare a draft letter and send this to the Clerk for its wording and formatting to be prepared for approval by all Councillors. This could then be posted or delivered to every property within the three parishes.
Action by: Cllr Fowler
Action by: Clerk

Ward Cllr Bruce Baker’s Report
Cllr Baker asked the Chairman if he could update Councillors with a brief interim verbal report as it was possible that he would be unable to attend the next meeting of the Parish Council.
He advised that there are now only 750 persons in Herefordshire receiving benefits. There are perhaps 1000 new jobs being created at Rotherwas. He said that these are very good news for Herefordshire.
He confirmed more good news for Herefordshire was that the GCSE results in the county were much better than the national average. Hereford has also met its ‘university challenge’ and several sites across the city have been identified to provide the necessary facilities. The New Model in Technology & Engineering (NMITE) facility should be seeing the first 300 students on its Hereford city centre campus by September 2017.
He reported that The South Wye Transport Package is looking at ways to reduce the traffic through Hereford. At the moment there are three major ‘A’ roads which all of which have to go over just one bridge.
He confirmed that all local authorities now have a duty to provide permanent Gypsy Sites. There is a possibility that one could be sited somewhere in Leominster.
Cllr Baker concluded by saying that he felt that it was all good news for Herefordshire at the moment.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20-30 with thanks to all for their attendance.