Completed Action Points from meeting held 12th May 2016

Completed Action points from the meeting held on 12th May 2016

16/45 Adoption of the Annual Accounts for submission to external Auditors
The Clerk has submitted the accounts to Grant Thornton for the annual audit

16/47 Review of Annual Subscriptions and Insurance Policies
The Clerk has renewed the Annual Insurance Policy with Aon

16/55 Financial Matters
The Clerk purchased two bottles of wine to give to the Internal Auditor in lieu of payment for carrying out the internal audit.

16/57 Land along the A44 belonging to Mr P Foster
The Clerk relayed to members of the Parish Hall Committee an outline of Mr Foster’s proposed development for the land which he owns along the A44. The Clerk stressed to the Committee that to date no plans have been received and the Parish Council has no wish for the present Parish Room to be demolished, in spite of any future provision for a similar but more modern facility.

16/61 Technology
The Clerk completed and submitted to HALC an application for funding towards the technology required to ensure that the Parish Council was compliant. Subsequently, the application was accepted and funds were made available tin the sum of £1,222.48