Herefordshire Council Cabinet meetings to be more accessible

Herefordshire Council is alternating the time and location of Cabinet meetings to provide more opportunity for the public to attend.

The next Cabinet meeting will take place at Leominster Library on Wednesday 27 November, 6pm.

Herefordshire Council introduced public meeting audio casting in June 2018 to make public meetings more accessible for those who could not attend in person. Now the council will hold afternoon and evening Cabinet meetings and is looking to secure alternative venues in the New Year. This will bring more opportunities for the community to take part in local democracy.

The next confirmed Cabinet meetings are:

Wednesday 27 November, 6pm – Leominster Library
Thursday 19 December 2019, 6.30pm – Hereford Shire Hall
Thursday 16 January 2020, 2pm – Hereford Shire Hall
Thursday 30 January 2020, 6pm – Hereford Shire Hall