Parish Council Summer Litter Pick

Parish Council Summer Litter Pick!

A plucky band of councillors and the parish clerk embarked on a litter pick through the village this week. With our litter picking equipment and signage courtesy of Balfour Beatty, risk assessment, first aid kit and under the watchful eye of Massie Piggott with his tractor and link box we picked our way from Grendon Firs to North Lodge and the top of Wacton Lane to Chaftonhop and Harp Lane as far as The Beeches.

We collected a variety of rubbish which included various car parts strewn along the A44. There were plenty of cartons, cans and food wrappers which had been discarded no doubt after having been purchased in Bromyard. Sadly, it seems Bredenbury is just the right distance away to finish the take-away coffee and lob out the rubbish!

However, we were pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t a huge amount of litter, but it was certainly time well spent. We will be siting ‘No Dog Fouling’ notices to also try and combat some of the mess on the pavements.

Special thanks to Councillors Geoff Hancock, John Hulse, Hugh Farey, Pete Jones and Massie Piggott and Clerk Vicky Hancock for giving up their time to improve our surroundings.




Bredenbury,Wacton & Grendon Bishop Neighbourhood Plan

We are pleased to announce that we have arrived at Regulation 14 Consultation of the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

This is the opportunity for people who live, work or carry on business in the neighbourhood area to make representation or comment. The consultation period runs from Friday 10th May until Friday 21st June.

Copies of the Draft Plan and  are available to view at The Barneby Inn, St Andrew’s Church and Bromyard Library. Comment forms will also be available in these locations.

Please follow the links below for:

Regulation 14 Public Consultation

Bredenbury, Wacton & Grendon Bishop Neighbourhood Plan (Reg 14) for Consultation

Reg 14 Response Form