Agenda 13th March 2017

Additional agendum may arise which will be added to this agenda on the day
17/21   Apologies for Absence

17/22   Declarations of Personal and Pecuniary Interests
Councillors are reminded to:
a. Update their register of interests
b. To declare any Non-Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in items on the agenda and their nature (Councillors may discuss this item, but may not vote on it)
c. To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests items on the agenda.
(Councillors must leave the room for the item in which they have declared a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest, without making representations or voting).

17/23   Chairman’s Remarks

At this point the meeting will be adjourned for a maximum of 15 minutes to allow any members of the public present to speak.

17/24   Adopt the minutes of the meeting held on the 16th January 2017
To take as read and confirm the minutes as an accurate record of the meeting held on the 16th January 2017

17/25   Report from District Ward Councillor Bruce Baker

17/26   Bredenbury Parish Room

17/27   Financial Matters
Income and Expenditure presented by the Clerk
Outstanding Invoices requiring payment
Any other financial matters

17/28   Neighbourhood Plan
Agree response to the correspondence dated 3rd January from NHP Team Leader
Parish Plan Snapshot

17/29   Highway Issues
Speed limit review along A44 – to formulate a response to the Traffic Regulation Order Officer’s communication dated 27th January 2017
Grit Bins
Locality Steward
Any other highway issues

17/30   Correspondence Received
Warwickshire & West Mercia Community Rehabilitation Company
Great British Spring Clean
To consider any other correspondence received after the date of issue of these Agendum

17/31   Planning
Endorse the Parish Council’s revised written comments submitted in respect of Plan No. P/170064

Agree a revised protocol for future Planning Applications

17/32   Precept – 2017

17/33   Clerk
Resignation in writing
Agree procedure to replace Clerk

17/34   Agree date, time and format of the Annual Parish Meetings

17/35   Agree a date for the Annual Meeting